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Beauty Haul Diaries

The Beauty Haul Diaries: Ruby Hammer MBE

There aren’t many make-up artists that have been awarded an MBE for services to the beauty industry but Ruby Hammer is one of them.

As well as heading up her own namesake brand, the global make-up artist was instrumental in the UK launches of some of the biggest names in beauty. Think Aveda, L’Occitane and Tweezerman.

“I am not into gimmicks. I think less can be more,” says Ruby. “One perception of my brand is that the items are solely for travel, but for me, any beauty product that’s portable works for all aspects of life – at home, on your desk, being on-the-go and for travelling.”

From MUJI bottle refills to SOS aromatherapy rollerballs, this is how Ruby Hammer does travel beauty.

What are your must-do beauty rituals or treatments before you travel?

I try to have a manicure and pedicure. I used to wax my bikini, underarms and legs, but now have laser hair removal. I also try to have a haircut, and colour my greys as well. I find it’s always good to have the basic grooming taken care of before you go away – I can then indulge in massages, body treatments or facials as a treat.

How do you adapt your beauty regime when you travel?

I love to try out masks or treatments that I can’t find the time to do at home. It’s great to test out products without distraction or too much choice – you need to use what was packed for that purpose.

What’s the best way to downsize your at-home beauty product haul for travel?

Either buy your favourites in travel sizes, or, failing that, decant into MUJI containers.

Do you prefer to pack travel minis or full-size beauty staples?

I don’t rely on hotel amenities unless I’ve been there before. I take my travel minis for what I can, and full-size where it’s unavoidable, like my body cream or perfume.

Do you have a regular plane beauty routine?

I use anti-bacterial wipes to wipe my hands and all the areas around my seat before doing anything. Then I use a face wipe to clean my face (pretty much the only time I use face wipes) and use my spray mist duo from Shiseido. I apply lip balm, remove my lenses and put in eye drops. I use CND Solar Oil on my nails, hands and feet, and apply a thick hand cream, like Weleda Skin Food on my elbows and feet. Then I’ll put on socks and get down to reading or watching movies – bliss!

How do you overcome jet-lag skin and eyes when you land?

By mentally clocking in to the new time zone. I drink water and hydrate myself – no alcohol. I always find a good face cleanse, moisturiser, eye drops and lip balm makes you feel instantly fresher. Take a short walk to get the blood flowing, and a short shower if time allows. A roller blend booster with Aromatherapy Associates’ Revive blend works wonders too!

What’s been your favourite vacation spa so far?

COMO Parrot Cay in Turks & Caicos or COMO Cocoa Island in the Maldives. I love the natural habitat and spa treatments and the yoga classes are not only healing but pretty mind-blowing too. Amanyara in Turks & Caicos also has a special place in my heart because my daughter got married there last year.

Do you have any DIY at-home skincare remedies that you love?

I sometimes use olive oil and salt, or sugar mixed together as a scrub for the body (it would be too harsh for the face). If my hair’s feeling dry, I massage in coconut oil, leave overnight and shampoo out thoroughly the next morning.

So, what’s your ultimate travel beauty tip?

Using a multi-purpose balm like Egyptian Magic Cream is great as it comes in a small, transportable size and it’s not liquid so there’s no danger of a spillage! You can use it to moisturise particularly dry areas, like your face, shins, knees, elbows, cuticles – but even the ends of your hair if the texture’s thick and curly.

What products are in your must-pack beauty kit right now?

I always pack my Magnetic Brush Kit and Nail Kit because they’re so handy and portable. For heavy-duty skincare, I like Embryolisse for very dry lips, and Weleda Skin Food for elbows and feet. I also keep Aromatherapy Associates essential oil rollerballs on hand to revive or calm.


Favourite cosmetics bag?

The limited edition bag I created for Scamp & Dude.

Plane: mist or mask?

Mist duo from Shiseido, which is only available in airports.

Travel light or over-packer?

Very thorough over-packer – sadly!

Spa facial or massage?

Always massage – my back and neck need them most.

Vacation air-dry or blow-dry?


Skincare wipes, yay or nay?

Only when necessary on a plane.

Faux tan or au naturel?

Au naturel.

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