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S1: Passport to...

Passport to... The Story Behind Boutique Hotels

What makes a hotel iconic – is it the “soulfulness” or the personality? How do we make the DNA of a hotel come alive to invite guests back again and again?


The secrets of boutique and family run hotels, and what these hoteliers do, behind-the-scenes, to make their guest experience so special. Listen now, dream now, travel later.

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As we dream of our travels and places we can’t wait to visit, Citizen Femme talked with Marie Louise Scio of Pellicano Hotels and Kimberley Pariente of Maison Pariente, the women behind some of Citizen Femme’s favourite European boutique properties.


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We talked hotel openings, how to tap into a customer’s sensory experience, how they work with their local communities and like-minded brands, and what keeps their properties special for guests every time they visit.


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As we delve into the world’s they create with their individual properties, they tell us about the ultimate deal breaker when visiting hotels, the best in collaborations for the perfect travel experience and where they will go on their first stop post lockdown.

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