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S1: Passport to...

Passport to... Love, Travel And Long Distance Relationships

It’s time to look at love. As the love landscape during lockdown has changed, we explore how distance and travel can play a good part in love.

How can you start a relationship, or how strong can a relationship be, even when your physical space is farther apart? Has the world has opened up our options with the rise in dating apps? And how to make transitional relationships work?

In partnership with dating app HILY.


How to manage a relationship whether you are in different cities or whether you both travel a lot, finding love in the mundane and creating your own lives and your shared experiences. And is travel the best way to get to know someone?

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Whether you are meeting someone new, or your lives are in different cities, or maybe your work requires a lot of travel, how can you maintain a real connection? How do you grapple with day to day life and sharing experiences?  And are there any dealbreakers?!

We spoke with Caroline Klein who holds the role of Vice President of Communications for Preferred Hotels. Travel is an integral part of her life, and for her partner too. Caroline dials in from her hometown in Orange County, California, and shares her tips on the importance of engaging the conversation, being sensitive to different time zones, and the importance of trust.


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