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Spa Of The Month: Lanserhof At The Arts Club

Combining design with a high-tech medispa offering, here’s the lowdown on February’s Spa Of The Month, Lanserhof at the Arts Club.

Nestled on London’s elite Dover Street, Lanserhof at the Arts Club opened in 2019. Three years on, it’s keeping its well-heeled cliental trim, taught, and toned.

The Lowdown

A collaboration between esteemed medical spa Lanserhof, renowned for its detox outposts in Austria and Germany, and the iconic Arts Club, this six-floor plot offers a 360 approach to living well. Harnessing the Lanserhof mantras of preventive and restorative healthcare, this space is a haven for stressed-out city dwellers.

If you think you are here for a pampering day-spa experience, you’re in the wrong place. Lanserhof at the Arts Club provides the opportunity to have a full-body MOT (think diagnostics and MRI scans alongside osteopathy, acupuncture, and vitamin infusions) all under one pristine, light-flooded roof.

The Vibe

This wellness emporium is slick, clean, and bright, without verging on clinical. Brushed gold cabinets, wooden floors, and white walls are softened by a sprinkling of flowers on every available surface. Visitors are invited to sit on plush blue velvet banquettes sipping the complimentary mineral tea (a cooling blend of stinging nettle, horsetail, and thyme) before being whisked off to their various treatments.

The Beauty Kit

Alongside the medical and fitness facilities, there are also various indulgent beauty treatments to tempt. A roster of results-driven facials – including stellar German skincare brands Augustinus Bader and Royal Fern – are carried out in discreet treatment rooms. These products are available to buy post-treatment too in the lobby, so you can prolong that post-facial glow. evo haircare products line the all-white, futuristic looking changing rooms, so visitors can smooth and slick their hair post-gym before heading off to their next appointment.

The Signatures

The state-of-the-art gym features Technogym equipment; these intelligent machines adjust to individuals’ programmes with the swipe of a wristband, which constantly monitor your fitness progress and intuitively adjust to your desired specification. Personal training sessions will cajole even the most gym-phobic of visitors into submission. The affable trainers are encouraging and before you know it 55 minutes has flown by in a series of squats, lunges, hip thrusts, and crab walks. Expect to feel the burn the next day – a tell-tale sign of an efficacious workout.

Recover in the dual-chamber cryotherapy pod cooled to -60 and -110-degrees celsius. Three bracing minutes later you will emerge invigorated and feeling super alert  (as if you’ve just necked two double espressos). The health benefits include a boosted immune system, increased metabolism, and it’s great relief for tired limbs post-workout too.

The club offers a cocktail of high-performing vitamin infusions combining concentrated doses of nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids, delivered directly into the bloodstream resulting in an immediate feeling of wellbeing. ‘Immune Support’ will have your immune system firing on all cylinders, whilst the ‘Hair, Skin, and Nails’ infusion will leave skin and hair gleaming.

The Extras

Refuel in the members lounge where the offering focuses on nutrient-rich, virtuous dishes. For early risers: the protein-packed vegetable frittata is quite heavenly. Post-workout, The Breakfast Club smoothie combining espresso, banana, and almond butter will continue the post-exercise endorphin high.

CF Top Tip

Group classes – including restorative yoga, balancing reformer Pilates, and energising HIIT – are available for all members. However, it is the aerial class which proved truly addictive. Once you can abandon self control, it is truly liberating. In this hour-long class, you perform the same poses you do on a yoga mat, except you use a silk hammock that’s suspended from the ceiling as a prop to support you through the various flows, to help improve flexibility and build strength. Don’t be alarmed when you are dangling upside down in your first class, doing poses you wouldn’t dream of being able to achieve on the mat. Class sizes are kept intimately small so the instructor can offer plenty of one-on-one assistance throughout.


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