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CF's June Sustainable Edit

Welcome to The Sustainable Edit, Citizen Femme’s monthly column showcasing the sustainable collectives on our radar.

From conscious fashion to vegan wines and vacation destinations that give back, these are the names making a positive change this June.



Australian swimwear label BOTEH have designed a custom collection, exclusively available at MATCHES FASHION this summer. BOTEH are hailed for their commitment to conscious production, through minimising waste of fabrics, digitally printing garments, and working with purely plant derived fabrications. Expect BOTEH’s signature aesthetic and silhouettes, with details like belted waists, unique floral prints, and voluminous sleeves. The crocheted Citrine Wrap Skirt is available in an exclusive cornflower blue shade, along with a range of tie-dyed organic cotton made for the beach. Lauren O’Donoghue



What if we could reduce our culture of excessive food waste and create organic products that really worked for our skin? That was the question that sibling co-founders Will and Anna sought to answer when they launched UpCircle six years ago. From using byproduct coffee grounds to create indulgent scrubs and energising serums, to a range of vitamin and antioxidant-rich toners, washes and creams that utilise the juicing industry’s unused fruit waters, the brand is helping beauty customers achieve true traceability in their routines. Anyone left doubting UpCircle’s commitment to sustainable beauty, need only see their BCorp certified status; over 100,000 companies have attempted to achieve this prestigious sustainability certification since 2006, with only 3,500 being successful. Becki Murray


Dinings SW3

Japanese restaurant Dinings SW3 has provided a commitment to responsible sourcing with an ethos rooted in eliminating food waste wherever possible. With a big push from its executive chef, Masaki Sugisaki, all its fish is sourced from Cornish dayboats, plus a handful of ethical producers across Europe and Japan. The restaurant recently established a ‘Sustainability Series’ which takes a deep dive into some of Dinings’ most sustainable suppliers, these include scallops hand-dived by a local diver in Devon to ensure minimal environmental damage which arrive at Dinings SW3 within eight hours of being caught. The restaurant’s menu now details the provenance of its producers where possible too. Sheena Bhattessa



amie wine brand, recently launched magnums of their amie x organic rosé produced in Languedoc, in the south of France. Made from a blend of organic Grenache and Cinsault, the grapes are grown without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The result is healthier for the environment, and healthier for the end user. It also leaves you with a less painful head the following day so it’s win-win. The wine is light and crisp with citrus and peach characteristics, pairing well with salads, grilled, and barbecued food – perfect for an afternoon tipple. amie has partnered with charity:water and for every order placed on, amie donates £1 to them. amie also works on fundraising initiatives for charity; earlier this year, the first ‘amie well’ was completed in western Uganda, bringing clean drinking water to the local community. Lauren O’Donoghue


Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts are the Caribbean’s most renowned all-inclusive resorts, with an offering of 17 award-winning luxury resorts in six destinations. Each promises to show you the tropical wonders of the Caribbean, from the breathtaking peaks of St. Lucia, to the lush reef-lined beaches of Jamaica. The resort’s non-profit organisation, The Sandals Foundation, was founded in 2009 as an extension of Sandals Resorts and funds projects in three areas; education, community, and the environment. One hundered per cent of contributions go to programmes that directly benefit the Caribbean community. The Sandals Foundation has partnered with CARIBSAVE, the Coral Restoration Foundation International, and the Oracabessa Foundation in Jamaica, in efforts to conserve and maintain biodiversity through the building of Caribbean coral nurseries. Guests at Sandals Resorts may get involved in turtle watching experiences, and lend a hand to the coral planting efforts saving the Caribbean coral reefs, in select resorts. Lauren O’Donoghue

Lead image: BOTEH

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