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Family Experience Of The Month: The Balloon Museum In London

If you haven’t yet visited London’s Balloon Museum, we’re sure you’ve seen it on your social media feeds.

Recently extended until 14 April 2024, this interactive and engaging art exhibition in the heart of the city of London claims to be the biggest inflatable art event in the world. Throughout most of the exhibition you’re invited to not only experience the art, but to interact with it too – making a fun and unexpected experience for children and adults alike. 

Citizen Enfants recently explored it with two children in tow; this is what to expect if you visit with children.

What is The Balloon Museum?

The Balloon Museum launched its first exhibition in Rome in 2020, and has gone on to win awards for its innovative take on creative events. It’s important to note that while an incredibly fun space for kids to enjoy, the Balloon Museum is, at its core, a showcase of art; the art of sculpting air. Albeit a very fun one where interaction with the pieces is encouraged. 



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Showcasing across the world – previously in New York, Paris, Milan and Rome to name a few – the Balloon Museum is hosting current exhibitions in Naples, Atlanta and London, and has future plans for cities including Los Angeles, Berlin and Barcelona. In London, the exhibition presents works from twenty artists, each related to specific emotions or behaviours and using air as the defining and distinctive element.



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On any visit, you journey through oversized installations and unexpected shapes, touching and moving the pieces as you go, making for a highly interactive, multi-sensory and stimulating experience. It’s an unconventional and invigorating approach to art and, while it is perfect for a day out with children, it is equally entertaining for adults, too. No matter your age, you can’t help but laugh and be in awe, and a childlike curiosity is stirred in all.

Who is The Balloon Museum For?

In theory the Balloon Museum is for all ages, but it is ideal for those aged four and upwards. We visited with a four and two-year-old and found some elements a touch on the stressful side for the youngest; the exhibition is dark in places and (given it is an art installation) there are some elements where interaction (little hands prodding and poking) is not allowed which, as anyone with a two year old will know, can be tricky to control. Incredibly stimulating and interactive, this exhibition proves fun for all and there were children of all ages running around – alongside adults san enfants.

The Highlights


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Every room is unexpected and exciting in its own right. Weaving your way through the building – each room dramatically different than the next – the exhibition is intriguing and there is something surprising or delightful in each and every space. If you’re visiting with children, you might not be able to appreciate the meaning and thought behind each of the installations, but nonetheless, the giant, mirrored and inflatable objects draw you in.



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The exhibition is designed to take you through each room,  but we loved – and could have spent a lot more time in – the giant ballpond; you cannot help but giggle as you are sucked under and overwhelmed by a multitude of balls! Neither the adults or the children in our group of visitors could resist diving in, and none of us wanted to leave. Other highlights include the giant, multi-coloured balls that you can push around, and what can only be described as a 90s rave room with inflatable “people” where we all had a good dance.

What You Need To Know 

You need to book tickets in advance online but there is plenty of availability: the exhibition has been extended until 14 April 2024. The exhibition is only a four-minute walk from Monument tube station, so is easy to get to and there is space to leave buggies and coats at the entrance.

Wear something casual to visit, and try to keep your hands as free as possible to allow you to properly interact with the various pieces – the experience is much more fun without anything tying you down. You can bring water and snacks with you if you wish, but there is also a café and shop at the end that your kids will find irresistible. Enormous bouquet of balloon flowers, anyone?

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