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Tweak of the Week

Tweak of the Week: We Visited A 'Face Whisperer' And It Was Surprisingly Eye-Opening

Tweak of the Week is Citizen Femme’s tried-and-tested treatment review series, covering the CF team’s favourite recommendations for facials, massages, aesthetics, and everything in between.

For this week’s review, our partnership director Grace Robson visited leading face and body massage expert, and qualified healer, Beata Aleksandrowicz, or, as she is better known online ‘The Face Whisperer’.

As an intuitive healer, Beata’s treatments are designed to be so much more than just a relaxing facial. In fact, they truly put the ‘therapy’ into ‘massage therapy’ with energy healing, emotional guidance and so much more on offer during your time on the treatment bed. 

Read on to discover why a visit to see Beata for bespoke face and massage therapy was such an eye-opening experience.

Who is Beata Aleksandrowicz?

Beata is an international expert on massage, healing, and women’s wellbeing. Not only a highly-trained massage therapist – though she’s written two books on the subject – she’s also, rather uniquely, a skilled intuitive practitioner, who intertwines energy healing and spirituality into all her treatments. She’s so in demand that her waiting list can stretch up to six months long.

But, what exactly is an intuitive practitioner? The best way to explain it is probably with an example. Imagine you book in for a facial. A traditional facialist uses their training to physically access areas of concern, for example, congestion across your nose. Then, they remove it.

Beata can do that of course, but she’s also particularly skilled in noticing stress and anxiety in your body as soon as you enter the room (no touch required). Plus, she sees all the physical side effects that may bring you to the massage table as symptoms of broader, deeper emotional blockages, which she aims to treat and help you work through simultaneously.

Why is seeing ‘The Face Whisperer’ exciting?

As “the therapist who can remove years from your face,” a bespoke treatment with Beata is designed to be transformative for both your face and your mind. Seeing her in person is a unique opportunity to benefit from her signature facial technique – think lifting and sculpting strokes with or without oils – but it’s Beata’s ability to know how you are feeling without you saying a word that really sets her apart. She then gently guides you to your own solutions for the problems you have on your mind. That’s why she is apparently on the speed dial of many husbands who book their wives a treatment to help them learn to love how they look.

Now she’s launched new online one-to-one sessions and masterclasses for people who can’t get a space in her booked-out appointment calendar, and she’s proving just how powerful her guided healing can be. In the 60 to 90-minute session, she’ll first tailor a personalised face massage routine for your key facial goals. Then, as you work slowly through it step by step, she guides you through your stresses, anxieties, and emotional fatigue. Breathing techniques, meditative aspects and Beata’s therapeutic approach are all on hand to enhance the glow-boosting, skin-plumping and face sculpting results of the massage.



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Tried and tested: what is having the treatment like?

This is not your conventional facial where you may briefly chat to your therapist about your concerns and then quickly lay down, have your treatment, and leave. Whether in person or online, nothing is rushed, with the treatment having no set structure and aggressive cut-off point, because Beata spaces out her appointments to make sure you have all the time you need.

When you meet Beata, you’ll also feel like you’ve known her for years within the first five minutes, and she really takes the time to get to know you. There’s a form to fill out, as you may expect, where you can list your main concerns, but it’s not just about your face. You’ll discuss any body pain, digestive issues, and mental sticking points too, talking through them gently and sensitively before Beata even touches your skin. Often she’ll get you thinking about your emotional triggers and in genuinely eye-opening moments helps you link together how your common complaints – be they physical or emotional – overlap.

Her effect on your skin is just as thought-provoking. With a history of helping even those who have had Botox go wrong with her signature sculpting massage technique, her facial is relaxing and results-driven in equal measure – tailored to specific areas of tension such as a tight jaw. If you see her in person, you’ll love the heated massage bed and warmed fluffy towels (and she happily suggests you treat yourself to the latter at home during your session). As she works methodically through each area of your face, often she doesn’t use products at all, just keeping an oil on hand for drier skins, preferring to let the massage talk for itself. And it does. Afterwards, your skin looks noticeably more glowy, with a hint more visible cheekbone too. For digestive concerns, she’ll work on your stomach as well – but don’t be alarmed, it’s soft and gentle, rather than uncomfortable.

Overall, the experience is actually a bit like being hypnotised – in the best possible way. Throughout the facial, Beata doesn’t talk, which encourages you to reflect on the words of wisdom and positive advice she has given you, especially about loving how you look in the mirror. Her voice and mannerisms are incredibly meditative, turning her words into affirming mantras that really do get stuck in your head, so you emerge from the treatment feeling emotionally and physically lifted.


Who is the treatment suitable for?

As the treatment is so personalised, anyone can benefit from a session with Beata – including if you are pregnant. Most of her clientele are high-flying businesswomen in their 30s and 40s, who want to work on their skin and their emotional wellbeing. We’d also particularly recommend seeing her after periods of intense stress or even heartbreak. The one caveat: it’s best if you have an open mind to spirituality and concepts such as energy healing to really get the most out of the treatment. However, Beata has been known to convert a few cynics in her time too.

How many treatments do you need?

You can feel the benefits after just one treatment – both in terms of how your skin looks and also how you feel – but, as with traditional therapy, the results really do get better over time. In fact, Beata doesn’t like to see an individual only once, considering her treatments as individual stepping stones to better emotional and physical wellbeing.

Why is a visit to the ‘Face Whisperer’ Tweak Of The Week worthy?

A trip to see Beata is the kind of facial experience that is likely to linger long in your memory, perhaps even for weeks after you experience it. A testament to the powerful and thought-provoking sessions that she provides. The treatment itself holds its own as a relaxing pampering treat, and you’ll emerge with glowing, sculpted skin. But what makes it truly special is that all of these benefits are almost not the point. It’s how you walk out of her treatment room feeling a little bit more calm and centered.  Beata, the face whisperer, not only improves how your complexion looks but also how you feel from head to toe.

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