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Tweak of the Week

Tweak Of The Week: The HVN's Kansa Wand Facial

Tweak of the Week is Citizen Femme’s tried-and-tested beauty treatment review series, covering the CF team’s recommendations for facials, massages, aesthetics, and everything in between.

For this week’s review, fashion editor Gemma Louise Deeks visited The HVN in Knightsbridge, a conscious, urban well-being destination that aims to calm the mind, body and soul.

What is The HVN?

Opening earlier this year in the heart of London’s affluent neighbourhood, Knightsbridge, this health and wellness sanctuary is unlike anything I’ve encountered before, certainly not amongst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Pronounced haven, The HVN is bringing a whole new meaning to wellbeing with a dedicated wellness space that merges state-of-the-art research and treatments with centuries old practices and traditions. Its extraordinary serene – and green – interior is inspired by the Japanese concept of Forest Bathing, and you can expect the latest laser technology alongside Ayurvedic knowledge from some of the UK’s most renowned practitioners, each ready to create a bespoke treatment plan, whether holistic or cosmetic.

What is a Kansa wand?

A Kansa wand is a traditional Ayurvedic tool made from Kansa metal (copper and tin) that helps re-balance the skin’s pH and stimulate lymphatic drainage to detoxify and revitalise.



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Why is the HVN Kansa Wand Facial Exciting?

The Kansa Wand Facial is part of The HVN’s new Travel Series, which introduces a number of post-travel packages to combat all the things that travelling and flying do to the body, including signs of jet lag, dehydrated skin, puffiness, water retention and a lack of energy. The Kansa wand, which has been used in Ayurvedic practices for over 5,000 years, promises to give the same outcome as more invasive treatments.

Tried and tested: what is having the treatment like?

I had come off a long flight from Dubai with two young children in tow the day before, so this treatment was needed. Both flying, and sitting for long periods of time, can cause fluid retention and toxin build-up in the cells; this facial is designed to depuff and brighten the skin.

As soon as you enter The HVN, which is located on a busy road in Knightsbridge, you are transported to a different world. The space is designed to calm the senses: interiors use neutral tones and textures and are full of foliage, mirroring that of a forest bathing experience; the gentle melody of bird song is soothing; and the scent, both therapeutic and restorative, was specifically created for The HVN.

My treatment room has a Hydrobed, the only one in the UK, which is designed for ultimate relaxation while stimulating lymphatic drainage. It was set to a hot, 42 degrees celsius (much hotter than where I’d just come back from in Dubai!), but you can choose a cooler temperature, which I’d recommend for comfort. Although this was a facial, my therapist began with my feet, giving me a foot cleanse and massage before working on my marma points – believed to activate energy centres – with the Kansa wand, a welcomed start to the treatment.

Moving onto my face, she thoroughly cleansed my skin before working the Kansa wand into it, informing me that it can temporarily bring greyness to the skin as it draws out the toxins. The treatment is finished with a head and shoulder massage and, once I had come back to the real world, I ended with The HVN’s own brand of tea. When I looked in the mirror, I could immediately see a more sculpted face, the puffiness was gone and my complexion looked brighter. I slept 12 hours that night, and could have continued for longer, if it wasn’t for the doorbell interrupting my peaceful doze.

What is the aftercare advice?

There is no specific aftercare advice as there is zero downtime, but it’s beneficial to allow the products used during the facial to sink into your skin over night before cleansing to get the full benefits.

Who is The HVN Kansa Wand Facial suitable for?

Skin with high acidity is more prone to acne, inflammation, sensitivity, fine lines and wrinkles, and premature ageing. The metal part of the Kansa wand has alkaline properties so, when it comes into contact with your skin, it helps restore its pH and mitigate a vast range of problems. Although the products used are fragrance-free, those with sensitive skin may want to inform the therapist so she can tweak the facial to suit your skin type.

How many treatments do you need?

You only need one treatment to see the benefits of a sculpted, glowing complexion and to banish those post-flight symptoms. If you’re a frequent flyer, book in for the treatment after a long-haul trip to maintain your wellbeing. You can’t over-do relaxation! 

Why is The HVN Kansa Wand Facial Tweak Of The Week worthy?

Not only will this treatment help you feel deeply relaxed (expect a deep sleep the night post-session), but post-flight puffiness will be gone, along with the toxins your body has been carrying.

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