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Citizen Enfants

The Citizen Enfants' March Hotlist

Did you know March babies are known for being some of the happiest babies? With the flowers blooming, often so do the babies. New mums, we’ve got you.

But taking care of yourself is just as important. From your nutritional needs to some well-needed downtime, this is absolutely what you need to rest up. Including home accessories, children’s wardrobe essentials and this highly rated five-star family getaway, these are the must-haves in our Citizen Enfants’ March Hotlist.

DO THIS HydraPressoElixir, Waterhouse Young 

Busy mums, spare 90 minutes for yourself and spend your time here. This revolutionary treatment, exclusive to Waterhouse Young, includes lymphatic drainage (using a presso therapy suit), Hydrafacial and microneedling. Turn your phone off, and take it all in. Slip into the presso therapy suit for a gently-massaging lymphatic drainage (lasting 45 minutes), whilst the facial is been carried out. Following a deep cleanse and extraction, the therapist applies skin boosters and hyaluronic acid to boost the skin with wow infusion micro-needling (this is a 0.6mm needle with 20 needles using a cocktail of over 50 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and co-enzymes, and much less painful than it sounds) to promote collagen and elastin production. The serums applied hydrate, brighten and enter your skin for the glow that we all need. A regenerating ampoule is then applied containing 40 per cent growth factors, letting it soak in while the Celluma red and blue light therapy takes effect, and you gently head off to the land of nod for 30 minutes. Whether it’s the power nap or the miracle ingredients and expert therapists, you know you will leave revived and glowing.

USE THIS Cybex Lemo high-chair 

Outside of the joys that come with parenthood is the endless amount of ‘stuff’ that begins to clutter, often in limited space. Bouncers, while essential when your child is a baby, only last so long and become redundant relatively quickly. Then comes the high chair. So, adaptable, adjustable, practical and long-lasting items that can take children through the years is ideal when buying products, ideally without forgoing style. Are we asking for too much? No! Cybex has ventured into the world of high chairs, and we are pretty excited about it. The Lemo 4-in-1 chair is for life. Literally. Your little one can use the chair from birth (with the Lemo Bouncer) until 99 years old. It includes the tray, baby set, bouncer chair and the learning tower set that helps older children take part in activities with parents and explore their environment. You can adapt the seat and footrest height to your growing child in just seconds, and there are even different depth positions to ensure comfortable seating no matter how big your little one is. The wheels, which go unnoticed, prevent tipping and allow for mobility around the house. And its minimalist aesthetic means it slots in perfectly anywhere you decide to keep it.

SHOP HERE Kids Around, Bicester Village  

Bicester Village, the premier shopping location just outside of London, welcomes a permanent Kids Around store, offering childrenswear, accessories and newborn clothing from some of the world’s most coveted luxury designers in one brilliant boutique. From Chloé to Givenchy to Marc Jacobs, it’s an ideal stop to pick up summer brands for your rapidly growing kids at, quite frankly, the best prices. Plus it’s an exciting day out in Oxfordshire with plenty of dining options for the whole family.

STAY HERE Sani Resort, Greece 

Sani Resort in Greece is the ultimate luxury holiday for families with curated services for ‘Little Guests’ within five properties: Sani Beach, Sani Club, Porto Sani, Sani Asterias and Sani Dunes. Located on the Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki, the resort welcomes little guests of all ages to experience the magical kingdom of Sani and its surrounding nature. Children ‘stay for free’ packages are offered with a series of specially-designed offerings for families, from luxury accommodations and facilities to top of the line baby equipment, fantastic kids’ clubs, and world-class activities. They offer a pack-light approach accommodating babies to those four years old, and facilitate all manner of baby equipment and excellent Annabel Karmel menus. And as far as entertainment goes, babies to toddlers can enjoy the crèche and baby swimming lessons, as well as the family splash pool and specially designed eco-activities – including making art from sustainable materials and discovering the bees and dolphins who live in Sani’s surrounding habitats. For ages four to 12, you have the Mermaid Club, Sani Sailing Academy and plenty for little eco-warriors, as well as the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre; and then, for teens, the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, Ozone Teen Club, cooking classes and console gaming tournaments, and much more. It’s no wonder they’ve been awarded the World’s Leading Family Resort for the last five years.

Photo credit: Feast Creative

BOOK THIS Bear Snores On, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre  

To kick off this year’s Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre season, book for Bear Snores On, the much-loved children’s book by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. For children four years and up, the production promises to captivate spectators, taking them on a whimsical journey that moves from the theatre’s picnic lawn to an indoor pop-up ‘cave’ space within the theatre grounds. Kids, grab your backpack and join Mouse on a magical theatrical journey as she finds fun, courage and a whole bunch of new animal friends.

TRY THIS Pow Food 

The last thing new parents often think about is their own nutrition. With the focus on the new baby, it’s important not to forget about one’s own nutrition, for your health and mental wellbeing. Mother and daughter duo, Ali Warburton and Emily Warburton-Adams, have created Pow Food, the UK’s first female-owned B-Corp accredited catering company. Working with renowned nutritionists and chefs to create inspiring wellness-designed menus to deliver exceptional tasting healthy food, responsibly and purposefully, Pow Food at Home is an ideal companion for healthy family meals. The recently launched New Parents Seven Day Meal Plan Boxes, in partnership with nutritionist Lily Soutter, fulfils the nutritional demands of new parenthood, with a focus on mums of newborns to six months old. It offers perfectly balanced, chef-prepared, nutrient-dense meals and snacks, each meal containing at least two of your five a day and naturally low in sodium. Importantly, it takes into account breastfeeding mums, so meals include omega-3 fats from sustainably-sourced oily fish, flax, chia seeds and walnuts which are required for brain and eye development in the baby. Calcium requirements increase by as much as 80 per cent during breastfeeding, therefore regular consumption of calcium-rich foods throughout the day is important. These ready-prepared dishes are healthy, nutritious and only require placing them in the oven or microwave, giving parents time to take a break instead of having to spend time cooking. For yourself or to gift to a new mum.

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