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World Sleep Day: The Best Products To Promote Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep can be frustratingly elusive so, to mark World Sleep Day, we’ve gathered our favourite products to help you drift off more smoothly. All tried and tested by the CF Team.

Whether you struggle with a busy, whirring mind as you try to sleep, find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, or travel a lot so need jet lag and hotel room sleep-boosting essentials on hand, these are the products we recommend for a full wind-down ritual to help you get to the land of nod.


The iconic This Works’ The Pillow Spray is a stalwart of many a beauty editor's bedside table. Our beauty editor has this within arm’s reach every night, even when away from home, ritualistically spritzing her sheets liberally before her head hits the pillow. Combining a signature blend of lavender, camomile, and vetivert, it stills the mind so you can drift off peacefully, enveloped in a bubble of calm.


A silk pillowcase isn’t simply a decadence, it’s a proven beauty secret too. Silk pillowcases absorb far less moisture from your skin than cotton, and the fabric also reduces friction, resulting in less hair pulling, breakages, and frizz. The same goes for a silk eye mask: not only is it pillowy soft and blocks out unwanted light from flickering devices, it will also reduce those annoying sleep creases that can take hours to shift. 


From stopping sleep creases to smoother hair, beauty sleep is just a silk pillowcase away.


Giving the true meaning of beauty sleep, Sisley's soothing and moisturising mask envelops your skin in a hug of hydration that, when applied overnight, helps you wake up looking and feeling fresher. You can also use it in the morning to tackle tell-tale signs of tiredness if you didn't sleep so well. 


Going to bed feels that little more indulgent when you have a matching set of pyjamas to cosy up in. Here at CF, we adore Asceno sleepwear for the softness of the fabrics, classic yet chic designs, and slightly oversized fit for a comfortable doze. In fact, the tailoring is good enough you could easily travel in the matching set when you fly. 

Asceno Green Stripe Cotton Set£235 for shirt; £245 for trousers Shop Now

If you really struggle to drift off, a sleep supplement is a nighttime routine essential, and we'd highly recommend these from the celebrity acupuncturist Ross J Barr. Specifically designed to avoid grogginess, the combination of Ashwagandha, magnesium and B6 vitamins helps you relax and improves the quality of your sleep. We can't be without them on long-haul flights where getting some shut-eye is so important.

These supplements ensure you get the best beauty treatment of all – a good night’s sleep.


A comforting soak in the bath really can get your mind and body ready for bed – while turning your evening routine into a mini spa experience. Our advice: pour in a generous handful of these aromatic bath salts to benefit from the tension-relieving benefits of melissa and lemon myrtle essential oils, while the squalane-enriched Himalayan sea salts themselves pamper and soften your skin.



CBD is a wellness wonder ingredient, increasingly popular for its mind-clearing, anxiety-reducing properties. That makes it the perfect bedtime tincture for busy minds. Apothem Lab’s Lights Out drops blend CBD with camomile and lemon balm to further reduce restlessness, and the vanilla and caramel taste is a welcome addition too (other CBDs can taste very herbal).


Of all the sleep-inducing candles on the market, this one comes out on top – probably because the brand is dedicated to helping you sleep better, from sleep masks to pillow sprays. Light this 100 per cent soy dual wick candle before you start your nighttime routine and the blend of bergamot, lavender, ylang ylang and woods will soothe you to a tranquil rest.

Light a candle at the start of your evening routine to help you rest and unwind before bed.


Turning bedtime into a sleep-boosting ritual, this creamy body butter not only deeply nourishes and smooths your skin from head-to-toe, but also contains magnesium which is proven to help you drift off more peacefully. What's more, it contains Neom's award-winning signature sleepy scent too; the 100 per cent natural floral blend of lavender, chamomile and patchouli will have you dozing in no time.


Our beauty editor fell in love with using weighted blankets at home after first trying one at a spa and having one of the best nap-inducing facials in the process. The heaviness of the cover guarantees you stay warm and cosy (this one is made from material that doesn't make you uncomfortably hot), and it is also designed to help relax your muscles and keep you from tossing and turning. 

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