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The Best Luxury Silk Pillowcases For Better Skin And Hair

The concept of beauty sleep is nothing new, but did you know that it’s not just how long you sleep, but what you are sleeping on that could make all the difference? Here’s why silk pillowcases could be your new secret beauty weapon.

With their ability to help you minimise hair breakage if you are prone to tossing and turning, and to stop sleep wrinkles in their tracks while you doze, silk pillowcases are an increasingly popular way to improve the health of your skin and hair as you sleep.

Discover why silk pillowcases are the latest beauty sleep essential and the ones we have tried, tested, and recommend…

Why should you invest in a silk pillowcase? 

Silk pillowcases offer several benefits to help you wake up looking and feeling refreshed in the morning.

For your face, the silky fabric isn’t just soft and smooth on your skin. Silk also helps maintain skin hydration, reducing the risk of sleep lines, as it doesn’t absorb moisture in the same way as cotton. The material is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic too, so it’s gentle on sensitive skin and has natural temperature-regulating properties – keeping you cool in warm weather and cosy in the cold – for a better night’s sleep overall.

As for your hair, silk pillowcases help reduce friction and static, meaning your hair rubbing against your pillow is less likely to cause considerable breakage, split ends and frizz. You may also find that your blow-dry and curls last longer as a result as well, so there’s no more ‘bedhead’ worries.

What type of silk pillowcase should you look for?

For the best results, you want a high-grade silk pillowcase that advertises itself as 100 per cent mulberry silk, and with a silk thread weight of 19 to 22 momme. This does make silk pillowcases a bigger investment in general to cotton alternatives, but they should stay soft and last for many years with proper care.

Tried and Tested: the best silk pillowcases for skin and hair


One of the original silk pillowcases to hit the UK market (and still category leading to this day), a Slip pillowcase is a luxurious addition to your bedroom. Made from 100 per cent pure mulberry silk, the cases are available in a spectrum of shades from plum and silver to the best-selling blush pink.



A favourite of our beauty editor, Gingerlily actually stocks a whole range of beautiful silk-based bedding, from duvets to pillowcases like this one. The spectrum of shades and sizes also means you can personalise your chosen style to your bedroom with ease.



You can trust that a spa brand knows exactly how to ease you into a true sense of relaxation while you sleep. This 22-momme silk pillowcase from Espa does exactly that, with classic oxford edges and delicate embroidery to keep your bedding looking incredibly elegant. 


With tightly wound fibres of 22-momme mulberry silk, this pillowcase from Beauty Pie aims to help you arise feeling fresh-faced in the morning. Plus, while you do have to wash all silks carefully, we found this one stands up to the washing machine.


Super soft and smooth on your skin, we tested this pillow on our travels – because beauty sleep shouldn't stop just because you are on the move. It kept us nice and cool in the hotel room and you can see a visible difference if you normally wake up dehydrated in the morning. 


This award-winning pillowcase has won the hearts of multitudes of beauty editors for its thick and high quality silk, plus the choice of either a zipper or envelope close depending on your preference. Its available in really lovely darker colours too, so you can potentially convince the men in your life to make the switch as well.


Holistic Silk were the first brand of silk eye mask our beauty editor tried (and it transformed the way she flies). Now, with the silk pillowcase also on offer you can experience even more benefits. The fact you save £10 when you buy a matching pair keeps your room looking organised too. After all who wants mismatched pillows?


The White Company does beautiful linens which is why this silk pillowcase comes highly recommended if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member. With its classic design and colour, it makes the act of going to sleep feel that little bit more luxurious night after night.

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Lead image credit: Olivia von Halle

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