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The Best Lash-Lengthening Serums (Including Olaplex's New Launch)

Tired of having to apply layer after layer of mascara to lengthen your lashes? Let our edit of the best lash serums help you achieve longer, stronger lashes without all the hassle – and yes, they really can work.

With tried-and-tested recommendations from The Ordinary and Revitalash, as well as Olaplex’s super exciting new launch, if you want naturally longer and fluttery lashes (that won’t smudge, flake or require a trip to a semi-permanent makeup artist) these are the best lash serums to try.

What makes a good lash serum?

There are multiple reasons why your lashes might lack volume and length. Of course, there’s your genetics (some people simply have longer lashes than others), but aggressive removal of your mascara, overuse of eyelash curlers, frequent lash extensions, and even eye irritation can play a massive role in lash condition and breakage, ultimately leading to shorter lashes.

That’s why good lash serums are often really focused on nourishment, helping to recondition your lashes and support their growth (just like a hair mask might do for the hair on your head). However, to supercharge lash growth, you’ll want to look out for certain active ingredients too.

Prostaglandin – a lipid-based ingredient originally used to treat glaucoma – is perhaps the best-known for its lash-boosting effects, but its use is being phased out and is now only present in small doses (if at all) to avoid irritation and potential darkening or discolouration of the eye area. Other hero ingredients to look out for that are a lot more gentle (but still effective) include peptides, hydrators, and proteins, which work by stimulating hair cell production to boost growth.

The best lash serums for length and strength

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