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S1: Passport to...

Passport to... Wellbeing In Travel

Amy Hopkinson, Editor of Women’s Health Online and Nicola Elliott, founder of NEOM Organics joins Citizen Femme founder Sheena Bhattessa in the inaugural Passport To… Wellbeing in Travel podcast.


How can we balance our busy work schedules and wellbeing, life changing products, vaginal jade eggs, recommended retreats and dream destinations, wellbeing travel that goes too far, daily practises to use when travelling and so much more.

This is one to hear! 

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In this episode of CF’s Passport To, we discussed the fastest growing sector of the wellness and travel economy – the fat disruptor that is wellness travel.

Welcome to the first podcast! Our monthly series will delve into the lives of some of the most successful entrepreneurs with our roundtable chats, get the insider know-how from industry leaders, talk hot travel topics, trends and tips.

P o d c a s t s 💪🏼 Such a great way to cut down screen time and learn something new. So with that in mind, here’s what I’ve been streaming when on the go, cooking or just on an evening in. 1. @Doctors_Kitchen on what to eat for #PCOS 2. @muscleforlifefitness on BCAAS 3. @Bryonygordon Mad World – all of them 4. @Sarahs_Day new gig called @the.healthcode 5. @bbcwomanshour talking prescription meds 6. @citizenfemme with me talking healthy holidays and doing ballet @shangrilamaldives 7. @nhsenglandldn Strength and Flexibility _ Plus, the news! I regularly say, “hey Siri what’s the latest news” and she’ll play a BBC news podcast. I also like recording them and mine will be launching V soon. Why’s it taken so long? Well, in truth, I bit off more than I can chew and need some more time. So instead I’ll leave you with the picture of me and @neomorganics founder Nicola having a right laugh recording the Citizen Femme one. _ Sleep well 😴 _ #healthylifestyle #podcast #wellnessjourney

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Its no longer fluffy robes, it’s about being transported. With elevated expectations, the powers that be of Instagram and wellness influencers, hotels and brands have to think more about the ‘clean’ offering, the experts at hand, opportunities to unplug (and replug to share it all on social media), the ability to take wellness to a new and deeper place with immersive and memorable experiences.

To read our recommended wellness trips, take a look here!

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