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Beauty Haul Diaries

The Beauty Haul Diaries: Sarah Chapman

She’s the facialist that Victoria Beckham has on speed-dial. Sarah Chapman is so in demand with celebrities and beauty editors, your face is in for a 12-week wait for a bespoke appointment with her (don’t say we didn’t warn you)…

Based in Chelsea, Sarah’s luxe clinic is also home to her Skinesis line (if you haven’t tried the cult Overnight Facial, you probably should). “When I’m in the lab my inquisitive side takes over. I’m definitely a little obsessive about making sure there’s nothing I haven’t explored and tested in my quest for perfect skin,” she says.

When Sarah’s not getting innovative with new skin savers, she’s packing her travel essentials. Here’s how she does jet-set beauty…

Q. How do you adapt your beauty routine when you travel?

A. The most important everyday skincare steps are ‘cleanse, serum, moisturise’, so if I don’t have room to pack my entire regime then I’ll cut it down by prioritising these daily essentials. I always pack my Ultimate Cleanse, and then I take my destination and the weather into account when choosing which serum and moisturiser to pack. Hot, sunny destinations require more of an uplift in hydration and SPF, while colder destinations demand a boost for the skin’s natural defences and soothing anti-inflammatories.

Q. Do you prefer to pack travel minis or full size beauty products?

A. I always pack travel sizes of my beauty staples where possible, but if they’re not available I prefer to carry my favourite full sizes. I tend to notice changes in my skin quickly if I neglect it for a couple of days – especially in different weather conditions – so I never compromise on my routine.


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Q. Do you have a regular plane beauty routine?

A. When flying, the most important thing to defend against is dehydration and airborne bacteria. The dry, recycled air in planes is full of germs, which combined with dehydration, can sometimes lead to breakouts by the end of your journey. I apply my Intense Hydrating Booster about once an hour to counteract this – it locks in moisture with a mega dose of hyaluronic acid.

Q. How do you overcome jet lag skin/eyes when you land?

A. I use a product like my Eye Recovery at the end of a flight to combat heavy eyelids and instantly reduce my dark circles. I also recommend carrying a small bottle of eye drops with you and use them every so often to stop your eyes from itching, drying out or becoming bloodshot when travelling.

Q. What’s been your favourite vacation spa so far and why?

A. My all-time favourite spas in the UK are Cliveden House Hotel (near London) and Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest.


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We’ve had an amazing time at @limewoodhotel talking through the launch of some exciting new products – coming very soon!. Swipe through to discover what we have been up to…

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Q. What are your top takeaway skincare tips when travelling?

A. Wearing heavy make-up when flying can clog the pores. For a lighter alternative to your usual foundation, try wearing a tinted moisturiser or mixing some serum into your make-up – this offers some coverage but still allows your skin to breathe. If you’re travelling on a long-haul flight, treat your face to a cleanse halfway through to remove make-up and dirt residue. Try relaxing with a face mask and remember to drink lots of water to support your hydration levels from the inside.

Q. What’s in your must-pack beauty kit at the moment?

1. Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion masks – I always pack one of these soothing sheet masks in my hand luggage for long-haul flights to combat the drying effects of the air conditioning. I’ll also pack a few more in my suitcase to apply at the end of long days in the sun to cool my skin and calm any redness.

2. Anya Hindmarch In-Flight Case – I love how this ‘take-off’ travel pouch enables me to organise my in-flight skincare essentials. I usually fill it with Skinesis minis.

3. Chanel Rouge Allure – I love Chanel lipsticks and always have one in my make-up bag. They have great colours and I find them very hydrating, too.

4. Heliocare Cream SPF50 – A broad-spectrum sunscreen is a beauty kit essential both on holiday and at-home. I wear sunscreen under my make-up every day and always advise my clients to do the same.

5. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse – I use my Ultimate Cleanse every single evening. I love how easily it melts into my pores to remove all traces of the day’s make-up. I never go on a trip without it.

6. Magnesium Calm Powder - I’ve always taken a 360° approach to skincare, so supplements are a daily essential. Magnesium calm powder helps with stress relief and ensures I get a full and effective night’s sleep.

The Packing Lowdown: Quickfire Questions

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Spa facial or massage?


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Skincare wipes, yay or nay?


Self-tan or au naturel?

Au Naturel



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