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S1: Passport to...

Passport to... 2019 Wellness

Citizen Femme Editor Sheena Bhattessa is joined by two fitness powerhouses – Adrienne LDN, a runner and global ambassador for Adidas as well as motivational speaker, and Danielle Peazer, a lifestyle influencer, former dancer and creator of the Danielle Peazer Method dance training guide.

The girls sat down to cover personal views on wellness, looking after mind and body, bizarre fads we’d rather avoid and the importance of balancing good nutrition and movement with relaxation… especially as busy mums!


Where in the world to head to in 2019 for best chill-out breaks both near and far as well as making sure to do your research to find the best wellness retreats, sustainable wellness and travel and making eating (mostly veggies) fun!

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Finding the time to balance a healthy lifestyle with the day-to-day doesn’t have to be a chore. Adrienne and Danielle have packed schedules but always make sure to keep at least an hour in the day for some self-care It’s far from indulgent – rather, it improves mood and wellbeing as well as relationships with those around us.


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What a year! 2018 you have been one of the best 💛 I’ve learnt so much this year, I’ve visited new places and met some incredible people along the way. I’ve learnt to trust myself and to be relentless in pursuit of my goals 👊🏽Of course I’ve had some challenges and I’ve made some mistakes this year, but hey that’s just a part of the journey. I know that the start of a new year can be overwhelming, but it’s also exciting! Your life is to be lived so GO FOR IT!! You’ll only get to live it once ✨ Full post on my blog, link in bio 😘 #2018 #whatayear #sayyes #travel #newadventures #motivation #adrienneldn #runtheworld

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Does wellness have to be a luxury? Danielle doesn’t think so. In fact, the best form of looking after yourself might just be time spent outdoors.

We also talked about sustainable wellness and ensuring that we are giving to the planet that also gives back to us.


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So apparently ‘Sweat Saturday’ is a thing for me now 🤷🏽‍♀️ I went to a new boxing studio today, more in my stories if you wanna have a look. But this pic is from a few weeks ago when me and @bayleydarling worked out and then naturally took 400 pics afterwards to document it 💁🏽😂 #fitness #workout

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With huge followings on social media, the girls mentioned how important they find it to be honest and authentic when advising how best to keep fit. Both are professional personal trainers who understand our individuality and explain how you have to find you.

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