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S1: Passport to...

Passport to... Travel Influencing

In this month’s podcast, Citizen Femme Editor Sheena Bhattessa is joined by travel and lifestyle influencers Zoe Theo and Andrea Cheong. Zoe runs luxury lifestyle, foodie and travel blog Gin & Bone and Andrea balances running The Haute Heel, a super stylish, luxury fashion and lifestyle blog with her career as a journalist.


How viable being a travel influencer as a career is, obstacles that influencers face along the journey to content creation and understanding your niche. In fact… you might be surprised to hear the travel influencing is actually a lot of work and not a lot of play! Enjoy!

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What does it really means to be an influencer? Citizen Femme gets the low-down on the responsibility, the highs and lows, the realities and what really goes into getting those glamorous shots in exotic locations.

Andrea talks about the appeal of her blog to the millennial set – most of whom are more concerned with world travel and exploration over buying a nice house or car.

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Zoe’s blog emphasises that travel certainly doesn’t have to become a chore after bridging the age of 30! Having given up a corporate career to focus on Gin & Bone, her blog is very much for her… but to be shared with likeminded women.

Zoe and Andrea share the perceptions they have come up against when they reveal to people that they are influencers. What are the reactions? And what is the truth? But ethics is at the heart of the line of work for both Andrea & Zoe.

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So, if you’ve ever considered beginning a career in influencing, first have a listen to Zoe and Andrea’s do’s and do not’s, hot tips and how they manage it all.

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