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S1: Passport to...

Passport to... Behind Citizen Femme

Citizen Femme’s founder, editor and host, Sheena Bhattessa finds herself on the other side of the microphone to let us in on the background of creating a luxury digital magazine. Our podcast’s creative producer, Sylvie doles out the burning questions about CF’s beginnings, it’s fantastic and unexpected growth and the relationships built from it.


Dreams of heading off on a silent retreat; bucket list experiences; the best locations for a staycation and how Citizen Femme has gone from strength to strength during its short life so far. Enjoy!

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Sheena tells us about the inspiring guests that she has sat with since founding the podcast, from the innovative to the helpful to the hilarious, welcoming more incredible women to the show (however getting in contact with Oprah may be an ongoing struggle…!)


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She also shares with us her favourite country to visit that she journeys back to time and time again (and where she also heads off to soon on her upcoming honeymoon!) – maybe now it’s time to learn some of the language, Sheena?!


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