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An Insider Guide To Ibiza With DJ Magdalena

Magdalena, Ibiza’s resident summer DJ, takes us through her Ibiza. An Hamburg upbringing and it’s flourishing music scene, introduced Magdalena to the world of electronic music.

After sneaking into her first club with her brother at 15 years, and following the flourishing Hamburg music scene over the next decade, it was not long after that Diynamic Music was founded by Solomun and Adriano Trolio, with Magdalena working with the duo from the very beginning. Together they achieved their dream of opening their own club in Hamburg: EGO.

Magdalena finally released her first EP in the spring of 2018, and it’s lead track ‘Mountains of Es Cubells’ went on to define her landmark Ibiza season. She soon launched her very own branded weekly residency at Blue Marlin Ibiza.

SHADOWS was a runaway success. Starting in the early evening and running until midnight, the concept was inspired by the changing lights and moods through the evening and Ibiza’s outdoor music culture.

This year is her second season of her own flagship residency, SHADOWS, a day to night party that takes places at outdoor restaurant and club Cova Santa. Last year it took place at yacht crowd favourite Blue Marlin. Despite the setting, SHADOWS is one of the very few free parties left on the island.

We get an insider look at Ibiza this Summer with Magdalena.

Inside Ibiza

What is the best time to visit Ibiza and why?

June is nice, as there’s all the excitement of the new season, but it’s not peak time just yet. Likewise I really like going in September – the temperature becomes a bit more bearable but the sea is still warm from all the sunshine. It’s a bit quieter, but some of the best parties are the closing ones. There’s a special atmosphere where everyone is enjoying one last dance before going back to their normal lives – it’s like the sunset on the season.

Ibiza city port, Spain

How would you spend 48 hours in Ibiza?

If it is your first time here you should try to fit in two parties – there’s plenty that goes on outdoors in the earlier evening if you don’t want to spend the next day in bed. My Cova Santa residency starts at 5pm. You could also check out what events are on at Ushuaia or Destino Ibiza depending on what kind of music you like. It’s not a visit to Ibiza without the beach; steer clear of the noisy main resort ones, where pickpockets and ticket promoters are rife.

My favourites are mostly only accessible by car – if it’s your first time here, try Cala D’Hort for a view of the magical, huge rock formation Es Vedra, said to be one of the most magnetic places in the world. Get there early if you want to get parked though! You should also make sure you sample some of the island’s amazing food – being in the middle of the sea means the fresh fish is a particular highlight.

Empty Cala d’Hort beach, with island of Es Vedra

What’s your favourite neighbourhood and why?

I like Jesus, it’s where I usually stay when I move out for the summer. It is a small village where everybody knows each other. It’s the best of both worlds; it’s only 5 minutes away from Pacha and the outskirts of the capital, Ibiza Town, but no tourists really stay there. It’s just 5 minutes from the secluded S’Estanyol Beach and the main street has many independent cafes, shops and bars which create a buzzing and welcoming atmosphere.

Describe your city in 3 words…

Angel vs devil!
Or everything mañana 😂

What’s the best way to get around?

By renting an open top car or scooter and feeling the breeze in your hair. Always get a taxi if you’ve had a few drinks though – the prices aren’t extortionate and the roads can get quite dangerous with the amount of partygoers trying to drive.

Essential beauty item to pack?

It has to be sunscreen with a high protection – the UV here is much higher than in central Europe and it’s easy to burn quickly, no matter your skin tone. Glossier’s sunscreen is great for blending under makeup.

Favourite Hotel in Ibiza? Why?

Hmm that’s a good question – I don’t stay in the hotels very often any more as I have so many friends out there. If you’re going with a group or as a family there are many great villas that work out as better value than the hotels. Otherwise, Pikes is an Ibiza legend – it’s where Wham shot their Club Tropicana video, and where Grace Jones, Freddie Mercury and Boy George have stayed over the years. Casa Victoria Suites is good for reasonably priced beautiful views in a peaceful location but for real, Dubai-like, budget busting levels of luxury, Ibiza Gran has the best service on the island.

Ibiza Gran Poolside

Where do we shop?

Although I spend less time shopping, I suggest the hippy markets here which are legendary; Las Dalias’ night market on Mondays and Tuesdays is the most famous, along with Punta Arabi on Wednesdays. If you just need to pick up some emergency holiday wear, Ibiza Town has all the major chains, and the port in the area has a nice buzzing atmosphere after dark.

Favourite restaurants?

For something simple near me in Jesus, I like Canadian Coffee Culture, they do nice vegetarian sandwiches with tasty brown bread, or a nice cheese with preserves etc and always fresh juices… and great coffee with almond or soy milk options.

Passion Cafe is my favourite for healthy and vegetarian food options, they are a real island success story with a few different locations with different characters.

A must for meat lovers is Restaurante Asador Can Pilot. It is local and low key, situated near Ibiza Sonica offices where I do my radio shows sometimes. It is really delicious, you can grill your meat at the table. Order entrecôte meat for two or more people with their tomato and onion salad, some potatoes or bread and of course the Ibiza classic condiment aioli, olives and a full bodied white wine. Salut!

For beachside food and a magical atmosphere, Amante cannot be beaten; they do great fish, paella and vegetarian options too. Bambuddha is the place to go for glamorous Asian fusion food, tasty sushi and a lot of typically Ibicencan quirky history. There are so many spots for delicious food in Ibiza, you won’t get stuck.

Amante Restaurant

For a crazy night out?

For a late one, you should check out Tale Of Us at Hi Ibiza, Solomun + 1 at Pacha, Circoloco at DC -10 or of course my party SHADOWS at Cova Santa – we start at 5pm outdoors, then go in to the club area and carry on through until 6am.

For a quiet night out?

A good massage – if you’re not staying at a hotel, there are a few like Es Vive that allow you to book spa appointments without being a guest. If you’re feeling more energetic, try joining one of Walking Ibiza’s community guided sunset hikes to discover the most secluded spots and vistas, meet new people and learn all about the history of the island. Then of course a nice restaurant at the beach with good fish and a good wine. Sleep well 🙂

Unmissable bars are…

Ibiza is more about laid back all day beach clubs and late night restaurants than pure bars in the traditional sense like you might get in London or New York. El Chiringuito, Cala Bassa Beach Club, Cotton Beach Club and Sunset Ashram are some of my favourite beach ones.

Sunset Ashram

Best poolside hangout?

The ME Ibiza rooftop infinity pool is serene, chic, and has great cocktails. The Destino Ibiza pool is lovely too. Not to forget the famous Pikes Club Tropicana pool of course!

Favourite hangover brunch?
Passion Cafe has the best detoxing smoothies, and healthy brunch options with eggs as well as great comfort food like burgers and halloumi.

The best place to watch the sunset is…

Café Del Mar is the classic of course – that whole area! Alongside Cafe Mambo does get quite busy but is world famous. You can always take some cava and sit on the rocks if you can’t get a table.

Kumharas is a hidden gem west of San Antonio – it hasn’t changed much over the years but remains one of the best, old school spots to watch the famous sunset with a much more reasonably priced sangria. Get there an hour before the sun is due to set for the best seats. And any beach on the north side of the island.

If I wanted to take a dip in the sea I’d go to…

Any beach outside of the main resorts where there aren’t jellyfish that day! They’re a growing problem around the island – download the Ibiza Jellyfish app for live reports on where they are that day.

For a beach party, I go to..

The Ibiza government has cracked down on beach parties in recent times, but the original hippy drumming rituals still take place on Sundays on Benirras beach – it’s evolved into a huge and busy event. Get there early and spend the whole day on the beach.

For a quiet beach, I go to..

Cala Moli beach, 15 minutes from San Jose or San Antonio. It’s a bit pebbly and has been declared a ‘natural’ beach by the San José Town Hall, which means less sun loungers and tourists. The water is very clear, so perfect for snorkelling.

I would never leave the island without…

A tired smile! Feeling happy and inspired.

Where do we go dancing?

To SHADOWS of course!

The post bar-bar?

Ibiza is a 24 hour place, there are so many bars open late night and even early morning. Personally I prefer to go back to a friend’s villa and continue there.

What’s on your Summer Ibiza playlist?

Anything from my upcoming SHADOWS guests: my two best friends Solomun and Anja Schneider for melodic, atmospheric house and techno, Nicole Moudaber for the harder hitting late night techno, Session Victim for sunny house.

The one place only locals know about

Locals to San Antonio – the rowdiest and “youngest” of the resorts – seeking a sunbathing break away from Brits hit the tiny bay behind the Aquarium Cap Blanc. It’s tiny and only accessible via a short hike, but the shallow sea is an incredibly bright, clear turquoise, and it’s a popular spot for family picnics, barbecues and cliff jumping.

The alternative Ibiza is…

Exploring the abandoned farmhouses deep in el campo and sampling fresh carob and almonds growing wild – it feels like a forgotten world.

El Campo

Souvenir to take home is..

Hierbas, the local liquor… you will see it everywhere. Sel de Ibiza for a taste of the Mediterranean at home.

Follow Magdalena here and for more information on SHADOWS at Cova Santa, click here. Parties will start on the 12th July and will run every Friday until the 13th September (5pm – 6am).

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