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On The Go: In-Flight Beauty Essentials

You spend the time contemplating new product purchases for your travels or decanting your favourite potions into those fiddly little bottles to last the duration of your trip, but it’s time to consider your in-flight beauty regime.

Whether short-haul or long-haul, flying wreaks havoc with your skin and hair so here are the products to pack, so you land looking as chic as when you set off. Don’t catch your flight without these in-flight beauty essentials. 


Upon boarding, wipe the day away – fuss-free – with a generous sweep of micellar water, preferably Bioderma, the pioneers of the product. Sensibio H20 is best for sensitive skin and also removes 98% of fine particles, we are talking pollution and other nasties that build up through the day.




Sheet masks are so commonplace now, slipping one on 20 minutes pre-landing won’t incite bewildered glances from your neighbour.  This cult mask by celebrity facialist Sarah Chapman not only fits like a second skin, it combines high performing hyaluronic acid to instantly revive tight,dehydrated skin and plump fine lines and wrinkles, whilst copper and zinc mollify any redness. Upon removal simply pat any residue all over for an extra complexion booster.



Whilst these ultra cooling hydrogel eye masks won’t help your energy levels after a sleepless flight, they essentially have the effect of three double espressos for your under eyes. Using seaweed extract alongside peptides, they work hard to de-puff and dramatically reduce dark circles with instant results, whilst strengthening the delicate skin around your eyes by the time you touchdown. Worth buying in bulk.


Whilst these ultra cooling hydrogel eye masks won’t help your energy levels after a sleepless flight, they essentially have the effect of three double espressos for your under eyes.


Hand sanitiser has always been in my hand luggage but now it's an essential when on the go. This spritz is perfect as it doesn't  have the sticky residue of some sanitising gels. The scent, thanks to essentials oils of thyme, rosemary and eucalyptus, will calm any in-flight jitters, whilst soothing aloe will nullify any drying affect of the 62% alcohol content.



This is the lip product to have on you at all times, to protect against myriad weather conditions be it sun, cold or wind. The formula is decadently glossy with an arsenal of hazelnut, sunflower and plum oils and shea butter to repair, hydrate and plump lips. Yes it's at the pricier end of the spectrum, but with such a creamy texture a little goes a long way, leaving lips with a delicious sheen.



Fans of Byredo Gypsy Water fragrance rejoice! The ethereal woody scent (thanks to a combination of sandalwood, pine and amber) also comes in a travel-sized tube of hand cream- gently cosseting hands in a cream which effortlessly melts into skin, which naturally smells divine too.


Keep your complexion glowy and perky with this small but mighty face oil packed to the gills with vitamin c to brighten, turmeric to sooth redness and evening primrose oil to nourish for a healthier looking complexiont than you set off with.


Did you know flying affects your hair too? No matter how long you spent meticulously blow drying your hair pre-flight, frizz, deflation and dehydration occurs. Restore sleekness and gloss with a pump of this nourishing but super light oil- your hair will also smell divine with every swish due to a heady floral blend of violet, gardenia, white musk and ylang ylang.


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