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Suitcase Series

Suitcase Series: Orlagh McCloskey and Henrietta Rix, Founders of RIXO

RIXO is the British brand which has made a name for itself for ultra-flattering vintage-inspired dresses, and the latest collection, Havana Nights, is no exception.

Founders Orlagh McCloskey and Henrietta Rix met whilst studying at University of the Arts London. With a penchant for vintage shopping they realised there was a gap in the market for timeless wardrobe pieces that were made to last. Skip forward seven years and their beautiful designs are often spotted on the best-dressed wedding guests, and packed into the suitcases of fashion ‘it’ girls.

Travel is a huge source of inspiration, as clearly seen in their latest collection ‘Havana Nights’ which was designed in the midst of lockdown: ‘we were hugely inspired by our desire to travel and exploring new places after lockdown… We also wanted to inject lots of joy into the collections, both with the prints and the shapes. In Havana Nights we’ve had so much fun with gorgeous bright colour combinations.’ Whilst gorgeous dresses are the brands bread and butter, this collection comprises an array of separates, from their sustainable denim to crochet blouses too.

Equipped with a roster of their signature dresses, we delve into Orlagh and Henrietta’s travel psyche.

What is the first trip you remember taking?

Orlagh: My earliest memory is a road trip through France with my parents. I was really young, but I remember being in awe of all the different places and things I was seeing for the first time.

Where or what is your escape?

Henrietta: Driving over the mountains to my family home in North Wales. The house is in the middle of Snowdonia National Park, surrounded by mountains, with a river running through the garden. It’s minutes from the beach, and such a welcome break from London life.

What’s your most memorable trip and why?

O: When I turned 30, I took myself on a solo trip to Tenerife. I’d been working so hard on RIXO, and it had been years since I’d had a proper holiday. I booked it so last minute and just went for it! It was so refreshing doing something so different, and I still laugh now thinking about the memories I made. Everyone should take a solo trip once in their lifetime.

What is your favourite hotel?

O: Atzaró in Ibiza. It’s set on the peaceful side of the island in a gorgeous old orangery. I love it because it’s a such a calming oasis. The food is local – farm-to-table Mediterranean food – and so delicious.

What’s your idea of a luxury holiday?

H: Spending quality time with family and loved ones. A Belmond Hotel is always nice too!

If you could go anywhere tomorrow it would be…

O: I’m desperate to go to Rome; I’ve heard so much about the antique markets.

Where do you get your holiday inspiration?

H: Definitely word-of-mouth recommendations. I’m always finding holiday inspiration from the various people I’m lucky to meet through RIXO.  I’ve got a large family with four older brothers, so we all swap holiday tips too.

How do you switch off?

O: I leave my phone in another room.

What is your ultimate bucket-list destination?

O: The Maldives. I’m really hoping to get there next year; it’s on my honeymoon destination list.

If you could be sat next to one person – dead or alive – on a plane who would it be?

O: Jo Malone. I’d love to hear her story, both professionally and personally.

What’s on your travel playlist?

H: Bob Dylan and Tash Sultana. My fiancé is more into music, so anything on his playlist is a good place to start.


What is your jet-lag recovery tip?

O: I try my hardest to power through and get straight into my normal schedule. I find it best to keep busy and keep my mind off the jet-lag.

Who is your favourite travel companion?

O: My twin sister Gemma.

What is your suitcase stalwart?

O: Jewellery! I’ve collected an amazing collection of vintage jewellery and accessories over the years and they go everywhere with me. Jewellery can have the biggest impact on your outfit, and when it’s vintage, it’s so much more individual.

What is your number one packing tip?

H: I think it’s great to think about what you’re planning to do whilst you’re on holiday, and planning your outfits from there.

What is your most-treasured purchase from your travels?

H: A vintage necklace we sourced at one of the hippy markets in Ibiza, we now use it in so many of our RIXO shoots.

Where is home and what are your must-do’s for any tourists visiting?

H: Home is in Chiswick, West London. Once a month there is a great outdoor antique market in Chiswick, which I always try to go to. If you’re on the hunt for some good antiques one of our favourite shops is Cubbit Antiques on Lillie Road. Of course, a trip to our King’s Road RIXO store is always a must too.

First thing that comes to your mind…

Hand-luggage essential?

Lip balm

Beach or city break?


Packing: roll or fold?


Music or podcast?


In-flight book or in-flight film?


Time filler on a long-haul flight?


Holiday tipple of choice?

Aperol Spritz.

Ultimate holiday treat?

Spa day.

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