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S4: Passport to…

Passport to... Becoming Conscious Travellers

Tom Harding, Founder of bespoke travel platform, nemo, and Britnie Turner, the brains behind Aerial, a development group focused on ‘elevating people and places’, come together for our latest episode of Passport to… 


Episode Seven, Season Four of Passport to… Sustainable Travel.

In this episode, nemo Founder, Tom Harding, and philanthropic entrepreneur, Britnie Turner, join Sheena to talk all about how we can become more conscious travellers, nay human beings.

To listen to Episode Seven, Season Four, in full, visit iTunes or Spotify.

Both Turning and Harding are busy growing conscious businesses. Though their eco-minded companies were founded a decade apart, they share many core beliefs: namely, the importance of giving back and supporting local communities.

Both companies donate a percentage of their profits to support non-profit organisations/charities, and place a weighted focus on communities and the people side of things. Doing their part, whilst not attempting to overstate or over’green’ their endeavours, Harding and Turner champion trips with a positive impact.

Modern audiences are very receptive to change and are willing to “consciously spend more on something they know will have an impact”. Post-pandemic there has been a shift in consumer habits, with many travellers adopting a ‘less is more’ attitude. Encouraging sustainable travel through annual getaways, rather than multiple short-haul trips, nemo’s ‘bucket-list’ style trips and eco-resort Aerial BVI’s programme of summits and retreats offer prime examples of this marked shift in focus.

To learn more about ethical travel and discover the key challenges sustainable tourism faces, tune in at the link below.

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