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The CF To-Do List: September 2022

Your monthly cultural crib sheet compiled by Citizen Femme.

Designed for cosmopolitan globetrotters – based anywhere from London to New York – we’ve rounded up the best exhibitions to see, the films to watch, and the events to catch in your chosen city this month.

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, London, UK

After making scandalous headlines at the Oscars this year for the “slap heard around the world”, Chris Rock is coming to stages in London to perform with none other than Dave Chapelle. Snap up tickets to the O2 Live Show now, for what will most certainly be a once in a lifetime comedy act full of the sharpest hot takes.

A Year in Art: The Tate, London, UK

A Year in Art: Australia 1992 celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork advocating for land rights in Australia. A free exhibition, A Year in Art begins in 1992, when the historic High Court ruling overturned “terra nullius” meaning “land belonging to no-one.” This doctrine is what sparked and justified the colonisation of Australia, and its overturning was monumental in Australian society. Many of the works are an exploration of colonialism and representation through ancient traditional art rituals, as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations are some of the most ancient cultures in the world. Come experience some of the most harrowing, yet important activism of our time.

Yves Saint Laurent and Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

The grand doors of the Louvre are opening up this month to celebrate world-renowned designer Yves Saint Laurent. In 1962, Yves Saint Laurent unveiled his first collection of haute couture to the world. As a way of immortalising his contribution to art and fashion, for the 60th anniversary of his first show, the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent has asked museums and institutions to feature some of his work alongside their permanent collections. Displayed in the fabulous Galerie d’Apollon, the garments will be placed on a pedestal they deserve and among our finest living artwork.

Frida Kahlo: Beyond Appearances, Palais Galliera, Paris, France

Highlighting one of the world’s most well-known and recognisable artists and faces in the world, Frida Kahlo: Beyond Appearances is a deep dive into the inner life of an artistic genius. The exhibition has worked close with the Museo Frida Kahlo to bring over 200 objects from Frida’s childhood home Caza Azul, to create the most enriching and dynamic exhibition possible. Artefacts such as Tehuana dresses, letters, corsets, and necklaces are all gathered together to form Frida’s fullest expression. From September 15th onwards, there is also a capsule exhibition that showcases Frida’s influence on other major designers and artists of her time.

London Design Festival, London, UK

London Design Festival has curated the most chic and fabulous design minds in the city for one whole week, starting September 17th and ending September 25th. It’s the 20th anniversary celebration of London’s cutting edge, trend-setting ethos that has catapulted it as a design north star for the world. The city will be hosting various events all over the map, from a few exhibitions at the V&A like: Friday Late: Transformation Station and Awakening, to open studio sessions with interior designers all around. Come hone your eye for fabric, texture, and artwork over the course of this jam packed week.

Frieze Sculpture at Regent's Park, London, UK

Frieze is hosting a Sculpture Exhibition from September 14th to November 13th in Regent’s Park. Frieze Sculpture runs alongside Frieze London and Frieze Masters, which both take place from 12 to 16 October 2022 in The Regent’s Park, bringing together the world’s leading galleries to celebrate the creative spirit of the city. Curated by Clare Lilley, who has put together some of the most spectacular artworks for this display over the past 10 years, this must-visit outdoor display presents sculptures that all have an individual story and blueprint, creating the park into an art gallery for all who saunter curiously by. The 2022 display engages with a number of themes; works by Robert Indiana, John Giorno, John Wood and Paul Harrison, and Tim Etchells are structured as texts, conveying messages that merge poetry and political messages. Frieze Sculpture has embedded itself as a cultural touchstone of the year. 

Oasis Into The Wild Festival, Dakhla, Morocco

Cultivora presents the Oasis: Into The Wild, a boutique music festival that fuses music, cuisine, and wellbeing all under the Moroccan stars. Superstars of the Moroccan cultural scene have gathered to showcase their best, including Aniss Meski of trailblazing Marrakech restaurant Mouton Noir and LA-based nomadic chef Yasmina Ksikes. The festival will take place at Dakhla Club, which rests on the bank of an aquamarine beach, fit with bungalows to rest after indulging in the good times. Nourish the soul with outdoor yoga while taking in the natural beauty of Dakhla’s scenic view or immerse yourself in the Pyradym sound healing experience. Adventure seekers can also jump aboard a boat excursion to explore Dakhla’s stunning coastline or opt-in to high-octane daytime activities like kitesurfing and quad biking.

Venice Film Festival, Venice, Italy

The iconic Venice Film Festival is back, and ready to set the precedent for Autumn glitz and glamour. Watch as the world’s most beautiful ride in wooden gondolas, as they are dropped to premieres and fashion shows. This year films like Blonde and The Son are sure to make waves, as iconic cinema is immortalised forever in this cinefiles’ celebration of high art. The Venice Film Festival is also a time to gawk at the most fabulous dresses and designs of the year with stars like Juliane Moore and Ana de Armas dressed to the nines. Public screenings are available throughout the film festival. 

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