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Sabina Ibiza: A Balearic Eco Design Hideout

On the stunning southwest coast of Ibiza, Sabina is a groundbreaking endeavour that redefines luxury living on the island.

Developed by the visionary entrepreneur Anton Bilton, this private residential estate spans a vast 42 acres and comprises 50 individually designed properties, each meticulously crafted by renowned architects like Manuel Aires Mateus, Rolf Blakstad, and John Pawson. Thankfully for us, many of the private residences are available for rent when not in use by their owner. 


The aim is to provide residents – and in turn, those who book to stay for a shorter time – with breathtaking panoramic views of the mesmerising ocean sunsets, while seamlessly blending modern architectural design with traditional Ibicencan elements, such as the cool stone floors and open-plan layouts found throughout. Its the unwavering commitment to ecological sustainability that sets Sabina apart from Ibizan counterparts, evident through innovative features like hi-tech water preservation and geothermal heating.

The Vibe

Originally conceived as an exclusive enclave for high-net-worth residents and renters, the plan was always to offer a warm invitation to the wider community and island visitors, granting them access to its vibrant heart – the Clubhouse. Here, guests are treated to a curated selection of soulful gatherings, showcasing both local and international talent. These exclusive events are held on selected days, attracting a diverse crowd of yogis, healers, models, artists, and the nomadic creatives drawn to Ibiza’s magnetic energy.

Sabina’s Clubhouse embodies a luxurious yet bohemian spirit, harmonising modern design with traditional finca style. The centrepiece is a huge saltwater pool, which is turquoise by day and lit jade green by night, encircled by white pillars supporting pergolas and overseen by the serene bronze sculpture “Emanation” by the artist Sukhi Barber. This piece radiates the energy of meditation and sets the tone for a property where art is omnipresent. Carefully positioned sculptures adorn the walls, while the bookshelves, constructed from stylish blond wood, are laden with art volumes.

The Villas

Sabina comprises 50 private villas, rented out to other guests when not in use by their owners. Jordi Carreño, an influential Ibizan architect, is responsible for the masterplan, and some of the worldʼs most sought-after architects and designers have also left their marks on individual properties.

Offering one of Europeʼs most impressive residential development projects to date, each villa has an elevated terraced position to allow for privacy as well as unrivalled panoramic sunset and sea views. Across all, expect seamlessly integrated indoor-outdoor living, with large outdoors pools and plenty of shaded areas for eating and relaxing. A philosophy well suited to the Ibicencan climate and way of life.

The Food + Drink

The circular bar at the heart of the Clubhouse is a hub of activity, staffed by impeccably dressed bartenders clad in baby blue or peach linen waistcoats and wide-legged trousers. Perch up on the sumptuous peppermint green linen bar stools and try a classic cocktail with a twist, like the smoky mescal margarita.

Sabina’s wood-fired pizzas are legendary and often included with entry to one of their renowned musical evenings.  Alternatively, indulge in a leisurely poolside lunch, featuring a menu of farm-to-table goodness and classic Sabina dishes, such as anchovy bruschetta and crusted wild sea bass.

The Little Extras

Each accomodation is decorated by their private owner, with some created by acclaimed global designers Tara Bernerd, and Natalia Miyar. The focus throughout is on natural materials with sophisticated, laid back interiors and neutral colour palettes.

Guests can take advantage of the clubhouse and 24-hour personal concierge services, alongside on-site facilities including tennis and paddle courts and a bowling alley. Not to mention the quartz crystal infused basement spa, with cold water plunge pool, hammam and sauna, as well as two treatment rooms offering a selection of treatments and healing practices curated by a team of BioEnergetic coaches, holistic therapists, mesotherapists and cosmetologists.

The state-of-the-art gym combines luxury with functionality, with Nappa leather and Hepa Filtered air-conditioning – making a healthy and elegant environment in which to work out on the Bio-mechanical equipment, or free weights created by Olympic-level equipment manufacture and coaching firm, Alpha Fitness.

The Art

Art at Sabina transcends aesthetics; it has a mission to elevate consciousness. Under the guidance of the art curator, Elizabeth Smith, the collection carries a theme of “enquiry beyond the everyday,” inspiring a journey into one’s deeper self. Works by renowned British artists like Marc Quinn and Antony Gormley coexist with the photographic talent of Ibiza, such as Toni Riera, who captures the island’s 1970s beauty, and Morte Nvilhelm Keller, whose pieces capture the island’s natural magic.

International artists like Catalina Swinburne continue this spiritual theme with pieces crafted from the pages of “The Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, transformed into encrypted messages in origami style. Meanwhile, Angus Hampelin’s oil paintings of golden moons preside over the restaurant, and Joaquin Vila’s floating Dreamtime mural finds its perfect home in the Spa—a collection that never ceases to surprise and delight.

The To-Do List

As the sun dips below the horizon, guests are enticed to explore the sunken amphitheater – a space that promises incredible auditory journeys. Starting with slow and gentle melodies, it gradually transforms into an underwater nightclub after dark. Here, you can groove on an intimate dance floor while mermaids have been known to make an appearance in the pool.

Or perhaps your evening will lead you to the live performances around the non-domination temple—a sacred space with awe-inspiring acoustics inside that encourage everyone to discover their own voice and interact with the experience.

Sabina doesn’t just offer luxury living, it has succeeded in creating a vibrant cultural community. Serving as a meeting ground for like-minded individuals, making it one of Ibiza’s most inclusive yet exclusive hotspots.

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