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Your May 2024 Travel Horoscope

Welcome to your May 2024 travel horoscope. It’s time to slow down and reconnect with your body now that Taurus season has arrived.

This could be the month you embark on a foraging walk to get back in touch with nature, forgoing a fast-paced city break for an off-grid hideaway. If you’ve been wondering what travel plans are in store for you this summer, Jupiter – the planet of expansion, travel and big-picture thinking – exits Taurus and enters Gemini on 25 May until 9 June 2025, bringing a playful, social, and mentally adventurous energy to your travel plans from then onward.

Read on for your May 2024 travel horoscope. We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Capricorn Rising

Image credit: Six Senses Ibiza

Image credit: Six Senses Ibiza

May is packed with a cluster of planetary shifts in Taurus and your fun-loving fifth house. From the moment the month begins, you’ll be hosting dinners and attending birthday outings to celebrate the annual solar return of your many Taurus friends. Highlight 7 May on your calendar, as this is likely to be a busy period for you during a Taurus new moon. There’s a dramatic shift in the cosmos toward the second half of the month when Jupiter, the planet of big-picture thinking, exits Taurus and jets into Gemini, landing in your sixth house of wellbeing. You could be drawn to fitness-focused retreats and trips that improve your overall wellbeing during this Jupiter in Gemini cycle.

Aquarius Rising

Your home life is in focus this month as you come to terms with Jupiter’s cycle in Taurus. This transit has been lighting up your foundational fourth house over the past year, putting your personal life before anything else. The new moon in Taurus on 7 May is a good time to turn inward and even go off-grid for a few days to recuperate. The second half of May sets the tone for the rest of the year, reigniting your nomadic nature. Jupiter’s entry into Gemini on 25 May is hugely symbolic and uplifting, landing in your fun-loving fifth house. From that moment, you begin to feel like your spontaneous and social self again. Welcome back.

Pisces Rising

May brings a focus to your third house of short-distance travel. You’ll be glad to hit the open road, visiting friends and family along the way. The cadence begins to shift toward the end of the month when Jupiter, the cosmic globetrotter, cosies up with Gemini in your domestic fourth alongside the Sun and Venus on 25 May. An ancestral adventure could be calling this summer, taking you back to your roots on a cathartic pilgrimage. During this cycle, perhaps you’ll uproot altogether and start afresh somewhere new. Or you could be returning from an extended trip with a newfound love for somewhere you once called home.

Aries Rising

You’re learning to slow down and get grounded this month now that the Sun is in pragmatic Taurus. While you get your finances in order, this is not the time to splash out on an ambitious itinerary. You could use the new moon in Taurus on 7 May to draw up a new budgeting system that you’ll actually stick to this time. On 25 May, Jupiter enters Gemini, initiating a year of micro-adventures and short weekend breaks. As Jupiter rules travel and amplifies everything it touches, this is a momentous transit that’s about to shift your perspective and bring out your wild and spontaneous side, conveniently, just in time for summer.

Taurus Rising

Happy solar return! It’s time for your glow up now that the Sun is in Taurus, joined by Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. As Jupiter rules travel, there’s no better time to go big on an adventure. You’ll be in your element, lounging by the pool or sipping fine wine with friends. With Venus, your planetary ruler, striding through Taurus until 23 May, you could also be drawn to a romantic agricultural adventure packed with cooking classes, wild foraging, and other activities that bring you back down to earth. Jupiter will be exiting Taurus on 25 May, putting your finances into focus for the rest of the year.

Gemini Rising


Smoke, Hampton Manor

Smoke, Hampton Manor

For the first half of the month, the Sun shines its bright and bountiful rays on your twelfth house of solitude. During this transit, you’ll be glad to rest, seizing the opportunity to reconnect with nature while you process your feelings. You could also be enjoying quiet moments in contemplation around the Taurus new moon on 7 May. An adventurous Sagittarius full moon lands on 23 May, along with Venus, the planet of love, making you feel extra flirty and playful. You’ll be more social than usual around this time of the month, attracting admirers wherever you are in the world. Mingle with strangers, dance on tables, and let your hair down. You deserve it.

Cancer Rising

May begins with the Sun in Taurus and your sector of friendship, social networks, and technology. Community has been a major theme for you for the first half of 2024, coming to a head on 7 May during a potent new moon in Taurus. Astrologically, this is a delightful time to be surrounded by friends with trips to the local flea market, followed by a long lunch. There’s a vibe shift toward the end of the month when Jupiter, ruler of travel, philosophy and higher education, lunges into Gemini on 25 May, landing in your spiritual twelfth house, where it will remain for a year.

Leo Rising

A business trip could crop up in May with the Sun in Taurus and your tenth house of career. Overall, you could be feeling more grounded and stable as more planets flit through pragmatic Taurus this month. If your routine’s been all over the place lately, you can use the new moon on 7 May as a fresh start. This lunation is ripe for setting intentions. You will begin to feel more outgoing toward the end of the month, with the Sun, Venus and Jupiter all making moves in Gemini and your sector of community. As Jupiter rules travel, you could be planning a trip away with your friendship circle this year – ideally before Mars retrograde begins in Leo this December.

Virgo Rising

It’s time to hit the open road and make the effort to explore somewhere new. If you can, try to squeeze in a weekend jaunt around the new moon in Taurus on 7 May. That way you’ll max out on a delightful stellium of planets transiting Taurus and your ninth house of long-distance travel. Plus, Jupiter remains in Taurus over the next three weeks, a transit that amplifies your ninth house of travel even more. There’s no time like the present to pick up a new language and explore new frontiers. The Sun, Venus and Jupiter all make moves in Gemini toward the end of May, when your work life takes centre stage.

Libra Rising

Could a romantic trip be on the horizon this month? Venus hangs out in sensual Taurus and your eighth house of intimacy until 23 May, an opportune transit for slipping off-grid with that special someone. The astrology at the end of the month is packed with energising planetary shifts, namely in Gemini, a fellow air sign. When Jupiter, ruler of travel, sails into Gemini for a year on 25 May, your social butterfly nature makes a grand return following the fireworks of the dramatic eclipses. Whether you’re hitting the open road on a bucket list trip or travelling domestically, a busy summer awaits.

Scorpio Rising

The Sun continues its month-long stopover in Taurus this month, putting your relationships in the spotlight between now and 20 May. You could be planning a future trip away with your favourite travel accomplice. Get together on or around the new moon in Taurus on 7 May to fine-tune your summer plans; this is a harmonious lunation for setting intentions. Your focus will shift toward the end of the month when the Sun, Venus and Jupiter all jet into Gemini, landing in your eighth house of shared resources and long-term investments on 25 May. Save your beach getaway for Cancer season next month (22 June – 22 July), when the Sun lights up your ninth house of international travel.

Sagittarius Rising

Taurus season is here to remind you to slow down and get grounded. The Sun will be invigorating your sector of wellness, giving your mind, body and soul a much-needed refresh. You can use the new moon on 7 May to reboot your routines and rituals, though it’s just as much an excuse to get cosy in your sweats and make slow-cooked meals all month long. On 25 May, your planetary ruler, Jupiter, enters Gemini after spending a year in Taurus, reinstating your need for adventure, autonomy and freedom more than ever. Let the travels commence!

Lead image credit: Amangiri, Utah
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