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Suitcase Series: Nicola Elliot, Founder of NEOM Organics

Nicola Elliott is the founder and creative director of Neom Organics, a home-fragrance brand that has expanded into wellbeing products and treatments. NEOM describes itself as ‘scents to make you feel good’.

“I was in my late 20s, working 60 hour weeks as a journalist for glossy magazines in London, burning the candle at both ends and getting increasingly stressed and anxious,” recalls Nicola. It wasn’t just her, this was the problem facing most modern women. This is when Nicola turned her energies to looking after her own wellbeing and after work retrained in aromatherapy and nutrition.

And so with her business partner Oliver, she started with just five candles, and so NEOM Organics was born.

Citizen Femme delved into Nicola’s suitcase psyche…

What is the first trip you remember taking?

South of France – I remember being in trouble for spilling an orange juice that cost 5 pounds (and that was 35 years ago….).

If you could sit next to anyone – dead or alive – on a long-haul flight, who would it be?

My husband.

How do you recover from jet lag?

Go big on wellbeing that really helps sleep at night ,and energy in the morning. So, long baths with Neom Tranquillity Oil, pillow mist is a must, then exercising in fresh air followed by a shower with Refresh Shower Drops and Energy Burst perfume – super wakening.


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“I’m loving the Neom cleanser, it’s so smooth, silky and so so nice on your skin! Combining it with my Neom facial oil and pillow spray to not only give my skin a bit of TLC but also give myself a good night sleep.” @ellenorsworld knows the way to a perfect night’s sleep… 💤 What are your Saturday night plans? . . . . #SmallStepsBigSleep #Sleeptember #TeamBetterSleep #NoMoreCountingSheep #DriftOffWithEase #WellbeingYourWay #SmallStepsToSleep #SleepBeckons #WellbeingWarrior #NeomWellbeing #LiveInspired #MindBodySoul #MindBodyGram

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Your flight’s delayed an hour and your phone’s out of battery. How do you pass the time?

Read – I’m a total bookworm and would always have a paper copy aswell as my kindle.

Biggest lesson from your travels?

Get there early, double check tickets, I’ve missed a flight or 2…

Do you travel for food, leisure, culture or something else?

All of the above – I like a mix of new places and places we know and love where you can fast track that relaxation feeling. Food is always important.

Favourite Hotel? Why?

Aguas in Ibiza – it’s nice to have a slice of calm on the island and they’ve really created it there – plus it’s in a  great location easy to get everywhere.

Favourite airline?


What’s on your travel playlist?

Podcasts – The High Low is my fave.

Where next?

I fancy America again – perhaps Santa Barbara. The kids are slightly older now (8 and 10) so they can cope with a longer flight – back to back movie watching.

What are your must-have travel picks?

Neom De stress mist (for anxiety), Neom body oil (for any kind of post sun skin issues), Neom pillow mist (helps the whole family sleep SO much better). A good book, a wide brim hat and an oversized caftan, suncream, Burt’s Bees lip balm and I always take my Lily and Lionel PJ’s for a bit of home comfort!

First thing that comes to your mind?

Hand-luggage essential?


Packing: roll or fold?


Time killer on a long-haul flight?

Movie and a catch up on sleep!

On-flight tipple of choice?

Water – boring I know but needed.

Bucket list top destination?

South Africa please.

Best shopping gem found abroad?

Kaftans in Ibiza.

Beach or City?


Ultimate hideaway?

Some of the northern beaches on Ibiza.

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