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S1: Passport to...

Passport to... Packing for Winter Sun

Alexandra Miro, dream swimsuit maker, Karen Ruimy of Kalmar, the woman behind the resort wear revolution, and Citizen Femme’s Fashion and Beauty Editor Lisa Haynes, joins Citizen Femme founder Sheena Bhattessa in this month’s Passport To… Packing for Winter Sun.


Pick your clothes according to your destination, colours, styles and using instagram to pack your wardrobe! How far do you have to go for winter sun and why brands are changing the mindset of summer bodies.


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In this month’s episode of Passport To, we discussed the most important things to consider when packing clothing, day to night outfit tricks, best places to get winter sun, holidays and that single piece you have to keep in your suitcase.


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Its no longer fluffy robes, it’s about being transported. With elevated expectations, the powers that be of Instagram and wellness influencers, hotels and brands have to think more about the ‘clean’ offering, the experts at hand, opportunities to unplug (and replug to share it all on social media), the ability to take wellness to a new and deeper place with immersive and memorable experiences.

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