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The TikTok Beauty Trends That Are Actually Worth Trying

There’s no denying it – TikTok beauty trends are everywhere right now. In fact, the social media platform has become one of the biggest drivers of new trends across makeup, skincare, and haircare, due to its short, hyper-consumable style of video content.

So it’s no surprise that, with so many people discussing them, it can be tempting to try every TikTok beauty trend that comes your way. However, a disclaimer: you should always approach social media trends with caution. Mainly because something having thousands of views might mean it’s gone viral, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an effective, or even, safe beauty hack to try.

That said, we’ve been busy trying and testing the very best of them, to find the TikTok beauty trends that really do measure up to the hype. From heatless curls to sunscreen re-application, these are the TikTok hacks that actually can make your beauty routine simpler and more effective.

For hairstyling: Heatless curls

@marenanicole Heatless curls in particular make me love being a woman 💖 #heatlesscurls #hairtutorial #hairtransformation ♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

There have been an impressive 6.5 billion views of the heatless curl hairstyling trend, and the platform also offers a wide range of ways for you to try and accomplish it. The principle mainly revolves around the idea of wrapping your hair around either a heatless curler – or for true social media points a dressing gown cord – when you hair is damp. You then sleep with the style in (or leave it for the day while you WFH) and can emerge with effortlessly bouncy waves.

Our verdict: It’s trickier than some of the videos suggest and it won’t work on short or overly fine hair as you need long enough strands to wrap securely around the band. However, if you have the right hair type, you can get really pretty waves that can look more natural than when using a curling wand. Plus, there’s zero heat damage.

For skincare: Skin cycling 

@gma @Dr. Whitney Bowe breaks down skin cycling and shows you how to add the viral trend into your beauty routine. #dermatologist #dermatology #skincare #skincareroutine #skincycling #skin #skincaretips ♬ original sound – Good Morning America

Like many TikTok beauty trends, this one isn’t technically new (and has been recommended by dermatologists for decades), but we do have social media to thank for bringing awareness to skin cycling. What is it exactly? It’s a way of limiting the irritation that trending actives such as retinoids and exfoliating acids can have on your skin, with the idea focused around ‘cycling your routine’, so that you use your exfoliant on one night, your retinoid on the next and then have two rest days where you focus on redness-reducing and moisturising products. Then, you repeat the process.

Our verdict: If you have sensitive skin, this approach can be a game changer for minimising redness and peeling, especially if you are at the start of your retinoid (vitamin A) journey. However, it really does depend on your skin type, and it’s not an excuse to just buy the strongest acids and retinoids you can find. That’s still a recipe for irritation.

For makeup: Makeup-skincare hybrids

@nikkimakeup_ Glazed donut everything for @Hailey Bieber #haileybieber #glazeddonut #glowyskingoals #glow #nikki_makeup ♬ Juicy Fruit – Mtume

If there’s one trend that has totally taken over TikTok, it’s glossy skin – the radiant, glowing finish that tends to have a new name every week – you can find inspiration for the skin finish described as #glasskin, #glazeddoughnutskin or most recently #quietluxurymakeup. Whatever hashtag is used, the concept is simple. It’s ‘no make-up’ makeup but with a lit-from-within glow, so your complexion looks healthy and hydrated, with your true skin tone and any freckles you have shining through.

Our verdict: We are firmly on board, and predict that our festive makeup looks will see it rechristened as a ‘Christmas light glow’. In fact, the trend has had such an impact that it’s powered the boom in brilliant skincare-makeup hybrids, which are the perfect way to achieve natural-looking coverage that improve (rather than just conceal) your skin.

For sunscreen reapplication: Beauty sponging 

@kamgregory idc how hot it gets i’m still wearing a full face😭❤️‍🔥 #summermakeup #makeuphacks #makeuptips ♬ pass the dutchie sped up – vevonix

We all know the importance of SPF protection for your skin (or at least, if you’ve read lots of skincare content on the CF website you should). But, it’s true that reapplication over makeup can be difficult, so many of us just don’t do it. Luckily, TikTok has come to the rescue. The hack, suggested above by Kam Gregory involves using a dry sponge (she uses a Beautyblender) to tap your sunscreen in over the top of your foundation.

Our verdict: The technique means your foundation stays in place because you don’t have to massage your sunscreen in. However, you do need to make sure you are applying enough, as the sponge can absorb the SPF relatively quickly. We’d also recommend having some powder on hand if you prefer a matte finish.

For curly hair: hair plopping and the bowl method

@sophiemariegraf A quick step-by-step on how to do the bowl method for any wavy beginners who want to give it a try! This is such an easy styling technique and it gives me the best results every time 💛✨ Used my @Prose shampoo, conditioner, and curl cream, @Only Curls hard hold gel and mousse, and finished with my @Gisou hair oil 🫶 diffusing video: @sophiemariegraf #wavyhair #wavyhairtutorial #wavyhairbeginner #bowlmethod #bowlmethodwaves #bowlmethodclumps #bowlmethodtips #2ahair #2bhair #wavyhairroutine ♬ Treehouse – Alex G

Do you really know your hair type? That was the question TikTok posed when the #bowlmethod trend exploded, and it has been transforming our curls every since. It might sound a little ridiculous, but after washing your hair and applying your curl cream, you then tip your hair upside down and dunk it into a bowl repeatedly. The result: boosted hydration and less frizz, plus curl definition, even for those that tend to struggle with a frizzy texture. The #hairplopping trend has been similarly haircare routine-changing. Plopping is a drying technique that enhances your curls, while minimising frizz and flyaways, and it’s as simple as using a cotton T-shirt to dry your wet curls rather than a coarse towel.

Our verdict: It takes a little bit of practice to get these haircare methods just right and they can be a long-winded process that may be a little messy. But, both trends can really help you be a little gentler on your tresses, helping to boost shine, while providing better curl definition, so they are certainly worth trying.

For beauty inspiration: GRWM 

@katiefangggGrwm♬ original sound – Katie Fang

If you ever find yourself wanting to shake-up your makeup, fragrance, skincare or even self-care routine, GRWM videos on TikTok, aka Get Ready With Me, are now constantly on hand for whatever you are looking for. With thousands of content creators providing a friendly insight into their regimes (often while telling relatable stories about their lives), these highly trending videos are a brilliant source of beauty inspiration, which encourage experimentation and can help you step out of your comfort zone.

Our verdict: Get Ready With Me videos are the new YouTube tutorials, so keep them saved (and share them with your friends) to refer back to them when you need them. From how to achieve a perfect winged eyeliner to a quick-and-easy skincare regime, there’s plenty to inspire you.

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Image credits: Pexels

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