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Your April 2024 Travel Horoscope

Welcome to the astrological new year and your April 2024 travel horoscope. April begins in the midst of Aries season, rebooting the zodiac with refreshed travel goals over the next twelve months.

A cast of planets will be flitting through Aries, a sign that’s fiercely independent and a pro at solo travel. Lazy beach trips just won’t cut it this month; Aries likes to be in on the action, hitting the wide, open road where it’s warm and sunny. Meanwhile, the first Mercury retrograde of 2024 begins on 1 April, a transit that’s known in the zodiac for causing travel delays and technology mix-ups. Remember to back up your files and triple check flight times if you’re on the move.

This time of year is ripe for new beginnings, brought on by a total solar eclipse on 8 April. Maybe it’s a new job, project or relationship that’s beginning to sprout in time for spring. Wherever you find yourself in the world this month, this astrological event is going to be huge, bringing significant changes to a particular area of your chart. Take a breather during the Mercury cazimi – when the Sun and Mercury form an alignment – on 11 April, and plan from there.

Read on for your April 2024 travel horoscope. We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Capricorn Rising

Hygge season is here for the foreseeable with the Sun in Aries and your fourth house of home, family and ancestry. As Mercury stations retrograde on 1 April, you’ll be glad to stay close to home this month, a theme that is intensified during the total solar eclipse in Aries on 8 April. If you are on the move, you could be revisiting a familiar place or meeting up with distant relatives on an ancestral adventure. Summer holiday planning can wait until the end of the month, when the Sun enters Taurus and your fifth house of pleasure. By then, Mercury begins to station forward, making it a less chaotic time in the cosmos for making plans that stick.

Aquarius Rising

Aries season is here to supercharge your sector of short distance travel this month. You could be hopping on the train to a new neighbourhood or venturing on a solo city break to check out a new exhibition. If you’ve been lacking inspiration lately, a change of scene could be more refreshing than you think following a period of unintended hibernation. You’ll be glad to meet new people and even pick up a new skill. Your spirit of independence is intensified during a total solar eclipse in Aries on 8 April, a potent astrological event that’s about to shake up your daily routine. Stay curious, keep an open mind, and mingle with intriguing strangers. By the end of the month, Mercury stations forward in Aries, bringing more clarity to any travel plans that have been up in the air lately.

Pisces Rising

You could be starting a new financial chapter this month, with the Sun in Aries and your second house of material items and spending. Splashing the cash on a faraway adventure is off the agenda for now, while you review your budgeting systems. You could be getting serious about your financial next steps over the next 12 months, reading books about personal finance and getting savvy about your investments. The solar eclipse on 8 April will be magnifying these themes, bringing a major shake-up to this area of your chart. You end the month with a spring in your step once Mercury stations direct, coupled with the Sun in your fun-loving fifth house over the next four weeks.

Aries Rising

It’s your time to shine now that the Sun is in Aries. You love hitting the open road and feeling free, swapping a sedentary beach break for an epic road trip. The caveat? Mercury retrograde begins right from the get-go this month on 1 April. Aside from the miscommunication problems and tech mishaps, this transit also reminds you to catch your breath and slow down. A total solar eclipse occurs on the 8 April, marking a pivotal turning point in your first house of identity and self-expression. Eclipse season can be a chaotic time to travel, especially with Mercury retrograde in the mix. There’s just no knowing what to expect. When Mercury moves forward in Aries on 25 April, some travel plans that were left on the backburner at the beginning of the year could make a comeback.

Taurus Rising

If you’re yet to jump on the sleep tourism trend, this could be the month you try it out. Throughout April you could be prioritising rest, enjoying the occasional nap on a shaded sun lounger. A total solar eclipse in Aries on 8 April will intensify these themes and your need to keep up this relaxed pace. Find some you-time on or around this day to recharge. The pace begins to shift toward the end of the month when the Sun enters Taurus and your first house of self-expression. Conversations start to flow when Mercury begins to move forward a few days later. Venus, the planet of love, is at home in Taurus on 29 April, making you more flirty and playful. From then on, you’ll be on the move and ready to mingle.

Gemini Rising

April is usually quite a social and busy period for you on the astrological calendar. Things are slightly different this Aries season with Mercury, your planetary ruler, stationing retrograde on 1 April. You could be feeling less spontaneous and more selective about who you want to spend time with. Instead of racing impulsively in search of the next best thing, you’re able to slow down and take stock of your surroundings. This month you could be riding solo on your travels for a work project. Save your lofty travel plans for next month and the summer ahead, when Jupiter, the planet of travel, enters Gemini for an eighteen-month extravaganza.

Cancer Rising

An array of planets will be flitting in and out of Aries this month, spotlighting your tenth house of career, profession, and visibility. If you’re travelling for work around 11 April, you just never know who you’ll meet in the airport lounge or at the hotel bar. It could be a good idea to refrain from signing any new contracts at work for the moment, at least until Mercury moves forward on 25 April. Even then, there will be a post-shadow retrograde period to grapple with, so it’s worth reviewing the terms of your fancy promotion with an eagle eye, to be on the safe side. Once that’s all clarified, a more light-hearted period of travel awaits.

Leo Rising

This month’s cluster of Aries transits, known as a stellium, will be riling up your travel-loving ninth house. You could be feeling more fiery and passionate, which is why it’s a good idea to get out and about in the great outdoors. Instead of jetting off in all directions, training for a marathon or exerting yourself physically with a bit of cardio could work wonders for your headspace. Spending time in nature could come as a relief on or around the total solar eclipse in Aries on 8 April. Eclipses can be messy and chaotic, initiating change whether you’re ready or not. As it’s in your ninth house of long journeys, you could experience an entire change in perspective and even be willing to relocate. By the end of the month, you could benefit from a solo off-grid getaway to reflect on the recent eclipses.

Virgo Rising

You want your travel plans to have purpose this month, otherwise you’re fine just where you are. Whether you’re visiting a friend or travelling for work, there needs to be a solid reason for your travels. Mercury retrograde begins on 1 April, which probably has something to do with your desire to stay local, venturing as far as the farmers’ market. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so you could be feeling this transit more than others. As long as you practise the usual retrograde hygiene, like double checking train times and potential flight delays, you should be good to go. Late April and May bode well for a spring getaway, when a cluster of planets tour through Taurus and your ninth house of adventure.

Libra Rising

You could be feeling extra flirty, fiery and fun all month long as more and more planets enter Aries, your opposite sign. Your planetary ruler, Venus, will be making moves in Aries on 4 April, which lights up your seventh house of dynamic duos. Take the lead on a romantic city break with your SO or a fun date – ideally before or after the total solar eclipse on 8 April. By then, the drama of the total solar eclipse will have passed; a whirlwind event that will shake up your relationships. On 11 April, you will no doubt want to let your hair down when the Sun and Mercury form an exact alignment, known as a cazimi. Try incorporating a weekly salsa class into your routine to stave off this month’s chaotic eclipse energy.

Scorpio Rising

It’s time to reinstate some of those healthy habits you swore by at the beginning of 2024. An Aries stellium spotlights your sixth house of wellness over the next three weeks, calling for a fitness retreat with plenty of cold plunges and intense workout sessions. Mercury stations retrograde on 1 April, which could cause you to fixate on the numbers more than usual. Try ditching the screens and apps for a week or so and going with the flow. There’s an intense full moon in Scorpio on 23 April, a busy period packed with social outings. If your travel plans have been wishy-washy as of late, prepare to feel reinvigorated when Mars, your planetary ruler, enters fiery Aries on 30 April. It’s a passionate month from start to finish, which works for you.

Sagittarius Rising

You love travelling solo at the best of times, making friends everywhere you go. Though Mercury stations retrograde on 1 April, your thirst for adventure isn’t going anywhere. This planetary moonwalk acts as a reminder to reflect and review your current situation, rather than impulsively jumping on the next flight without much thought. A build-up of planets in Aries, known as a stellium, spotlights your fun-loving fifth house for the next three weeks, so you could be craving connection and travelling as a creative outlet. The total solar eclipse on 8 April has the power to shake up your creative endeavours, leading to a whole new way of being. Eclipses aren’t always sudden and dramatic, playing out in six-month cycles instead. Watch this space.

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