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Your March 2024 Travel Horoscope

The astrological forecast this month starts off with a few weeks to rest and slow down. Welcome to your March 2024 travel horoscope.

March begins in the midst of Pisces season, making water a key theme on your travels – whether you’re craving an oceanside escape or an active surf holiday. There’s more action as the month moves forward, with Mercury entering Aries on 10 March, an energising transit that offers a preview of what’s to come this spring. The main event to look out for this month is a lunar eclipse in Libra on 25 March. This is set to be an eventful period in the cosmos, prompting unexpected plot twists in love, relationships and social justice. Happy travels!

Read on for your March 2024 travel horoscope. We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Capricorn Rising

The sun will be beaming down in your third house of communication this month. This is the time to get your creative juices flowing, perhaps on an artist’s residency or a spiritual retreat. Change is in the air, especially in your professional life. In many ways, it’s like you’re shedding a huge part of your identity, a transition that has potentially been playing on your mind since last year. Though it’s tempting to stick with the familiar, only you can take the initiative to make those bold next steps in your career. A new moon arrives on 10 March, giving you the opportunity to reset and reflect – ideally by the sea.

Aquarius Rising

Money is on your mind this month with the Sun firmly rooted in Pisces and your second house of finances. You have lofty travel goals of seeing the world and making an impact, while meeting interesting people along the way. Take some time during the Pisces new moon on 10 March to pause and reflect on your financial next steps, so that you can build a more solid foundation. You could be hatching travel plans toward the end of the month during a lunar eclipse in Libra on 25 March, a lunation that brings change to your ninth house of adventure and long journeys.

Pisces Rising

Happy Pisces season! You’re in the spotlight this month with so much planetary action occurring in Pisces. March is all about self-love, so it’s high time you booked that spa getaway you’ve been pining over – whether you’re going solo or with a potential beau. True to Pisces season, you could be drawn to a waterside location, finding ways to become submerged in the elements for a deep cleanse, mentally and spiritually. Plan your trip around the new moon on 10 March to reap the benefits of this potent lunation. You’re learning how to set boundaries, a process that requires you to have regular check-ins. The new moon would also be a good time to pause, set intentions and take a breather.

Aries Rising

There’s a change of pace this month with the Sun firmly rooted in Pisces and your twelfth house of healing and solitude. This is the moment to pause and reflect, especially around a Pisces new moon on 10 March. With so many planets transiting Pisces, a dreamy water sign, you could be spending more time alone on long walks, preferably by a big body of water. The action picks up toward the end of the month when the Sun blazes into Aries, spotlighting your thirst for adventure and social interaction. Look out for the lunar eclipse in Libra on 25 March for a major turning point in your partnership sector – a good time to refrain from moving around too much.

Taurus Rising

You could be connecting with friends overseas this Pisces season. The Sun is firmly rooted in your eleventh house of community, making you feel more social. There are a few life lessons worth keeping in mind when Venus, your planetary ruler, moves into Pisces on 11 March. This is usually a harmonious and pleasurable transit, made for romantic weekend breaks to Paris and restaurant outings, except Saturn’s in the mix. Instead, you’ll be called to focus on the friendships that make you feel good about yourself, while letting go of anything that no longer serves you. Maybe try wild swimming or a cold plunge experience around the new moon on 10 March, a cleansing lunation that helps you to reset.

Gemini Rising

You could be in the midst of planning a work trip abroad this Pisces season. The Sun will be illuminating your house of career for the first three weeks of March. You can use the new moon on 10 March as an inflection point to rework your routine and think about your next professional steps. After wading through Pisces these past few weeks, Mercury finally enters Aries on 10 March, a decisive transit that enables you to communicate your thoughts with more clarity. This energy is carried forward on 19 March, when the Sun blazes into fiery Aries, bringing back your thirst for new experiences. The month ends with a lunar eclipse in Libra on 25 March, which could lead to a dramatic shift in your fifth house of self-expression.

Cancer Rising

Ever tried water rafting? Adventure travel could be a theme for you this month, ideally if water is central to the experience. You could be drawn to an overseas location on your bucket list, especially on or around the new moon on 10 March. If you’re not travelling much this month, this is your time to hatch plans for a dream trip – perhaps in the summer during Cancer season (22 June – 22 July), or at the end of August, when the Sun enters Virgo and your expressive third house. Until then, there’s a lunar eclipse to grapple with at the end of the month on 25 March, which brings you to a turning point in your domestic fourth house.

Leo Rising

You could be feeling a tad emotional for the first three weeks of March, which is completely normal with the Sun in Pisces. As a sign that’s drawn to sunshine and the great outdoors, you could be tempted to escape the mundane with a trip to Lisbon or Madrid. Or stay local and get lost in a nearby park that you’ve been meaning to visit. Alone time comes first during a new moon in Pisces on 10 March, intensifying your eighth house of intimacy. Your travel mojo makes a return on 19 March, when the Sun enters Aries, a fellow fire sign. How great it feels to be back, doing what you love.

Virgo Rising

If you’re able to travel this month, make sure you do so with your favourite travel companion. The Sun will be spotlighting your seventh house of partnerships for the first three weeks of March, making two the magic number. The Pisces new moon on 10 March is a potent time to reflect on some recent life lessons with Saturn transiting your seventh house for the past year. You could find the words to say how you feel after 9 March, when Mercury switches signs from Pisces to Aries, a more decisive sign. Similar themes could crop up during the lunar eclipse in Libra on 25 March, a powerful celestial event that brings change to a relationship dynamic.

Libra Rising

There’s a flurry of planetary action occurring in your sixth house of wellness this month. Perhaps you’ll embark on a cycling holiday or join a running club to keep fit. As Venus squares Uranus on the 3 March, you could be switching up your routine enough to even surprise yourself, ditching yet another pub outing for something healthier and more fulfilling. The lunar eclipse in Libra is coming up on the 25 March, a pivotal point in your personal transformation. Your metamorphosis is going to be momentous, just remember to enjoy the process.

Scorpio Rising

The Sun will be spotlighting your fifth house of self-expression for the first three weeks of March, bringing a fresh perspective to this area of your chart. If a holiday is long overdue, try booking a mini-break around the new moon on 10 March. This would be a good time to do a check-up on your creative rituals, if you still have any in place, and dream up some meaningful projects. When Venus enters Pisces on 11 March, you could be feeling pickier about who you want to spend your time with on your travels. There’s a lunar eclipse on 25 March that pushes you to implement some lifestyle changes, with a focus on your wellbeing.

Sagittarius Rising

Home is where the heart is this month, which could come as a relief after a period of being on the move. You’re more than happy to get cosy and hunker down while the Sun continues its month-long voyage in Pisces and your fourth house, as long as you have something to look forward to. If you are on the move during the first three weeks of March, you could be visiting an old friend or returning to familiar ground. Your innate wanderlust makes a comeback toward the end of the month, when the Sun enters Aries on 19 March. Change is in the air during a lunar eclipse on 25 March, perhaps in your social circle or a community-based project.

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