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Your February 2024 Travel Horoscope

Aquarius season is here, which means it’s time to unleash your inner activist. There’s a slew of planetary plot twists to look out for this month, starting with Mercury on 4 February. Welcome to your February 2024 travel horoscope.

The planet of communication will be joining the Sun and Pluto in Aquarius, followed by Mars and then Venus later in the month. In astrology, a cluster of planets in the same sign is referred to as a stellium, emphasising the energy of that sign. In terms of travel, there’s no escaping the collective need to tackle the industry’s hard-hitting questions, making sure sustainability remains high on the agenda. Thankfully, we can rely on the Aquarius stellium to provoke intellectual conversations at the dinner table; enough to implement sustainable habits that last well beyond this astrological season.

Read on for your February 2024 travel horoscope. We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Capricorn Rising

Your general mood for this month is to lay low, seek comfort and get grounded amidst an influx of airy transits. February begins with the Sun firmly rooted in Aquarius, making you feel more reflective over the next few weeks. Your finances will be taking centre stage, putting travel plans on the backburner for the foreseeable. The new moon on 9 February invites you to seize new opportunities that will bolster your long-term money goals, planting seeds for growth and stability. But it’s not all work and no play. There’s a vibe shift toward the end of the month when the Sun enters imaginative Pisces, a transit that energises your house of communication; you could experience a surge of wanderlust around the Virgo full moon on 24 February. This lunation shines a bright light on your ninth house of adventure, a powerful time for plotting your next escape.

Aquarius Rising

Welcome to Aquarius season. Though you’ve secretly enjoyed hibernating these past few weeks, you’re ready to re-emerge and show the world your shine! This month is packed with a slew of planetary transits in forward-thinking Aquarius, including Mercury, Mars and Venus, not to mention Pluto, firing up your humanitarian instincts. This could be the year you go flight free, favouring rail travel, cycle holidays and long-distance walks. If your calendar suddenly starts popping off with back-to-back book clubs, film screenings and in-person debates, you can use the new moon on 9 February for an express self-check-in, pausing to catch your breath for a moment. Try to set time aside for a romantic city break when Venus, the planet of love, regroups in your corner on 16 February.

Pisces Rising

The Sun will be spotlighting your twelfth house of solitude, rest and closure for the first three weeks of February, inspiring you to embrace restorative modes of travel. You could be drawn to the idea of a longevity retreat this month, as much as a spa escape. A new moon on 9 February signifies a fresh start, encouraging you to explore your subconscious. Where would you like to begin anew? How can you plant seeds to begin that journey? You’ll do well to return to the qualities that set you apart as Mercury, Mars and Venus join the Sun and Pluto in innovative Aquarius in the course of a few weeks. The cadence shifts dramatically toward the end of the month when the Sun enters Pisces, making you glow from the inside out.

Aries Rising

February’s all about expanding your mind, connecting with new people and thinking outside the box. This month’s Aquarius stellium activates your eleventh house of community and allies. You could be interested in travel that supports the greater collective by attending panels, volunteering or engaging in peaceful protest. With Mars entering Aquarius on 12 February, you’ll have the endurance to tackle the most intrepid of adventures, fighting for change and using your voice. You could even end up in a leadership role, rallying your dream team to fight for justice and bring your visionary ideas to life. A Virgo full moon arrives on 24 February, reminding you to implement healthy routines and build better practices for setting boundaries.

Taurus Rising

Your professional pursuits take centre stage this month. You could witness change in this area with so much planetary action taking place in Aquarius, coupled with Pluto’s presence in this area of your chart. If an opportunity crops up to travel for business, you could be tempted to extend the trip for leisure. Even an extra day or two to yourself this month gives you the breathing room to recalibrate. On 16 February, Venus joins Mercury and a slew of other planets in Aquarius, inviting you to be more open minded in matters of love. By the end of the month, you could be drawn to the idea of a group getaway, particularly if there’s a sustainable angle to the trip. The month closes with a potent full moon in Virgo and your fun-loving fifth house, offering a preview of what’s to come next month. Hint: you’ll be busy, but in a good way.

Gemini Rising

You’re re-entering the world now that Aquarius season is in full swing. This month’s Aquarius stellium brings out your spontaneous side as much as your inner humanitarian, while activating your house of long-distance travel. Where in the world could you see yourself living next? Jot down a list of your favourite destinations during the new moon on 9 February, and simply see what comes up. If you’re travelling this month, Mercury, your planetary ruler, begins its jolly jaunt through Aquarius on 4 February, which means you’ll be drawn to wordplay and a travel itinerary packed with intellectually stimulating activities that challenge your way of thinking, from exhibition openings to film screenings and thought-provoking panels.

Cancer Rising

With the Sun in Aquarius, this is the month to cultivate a long-term budgeting plan, starting with the potent new moon on 9 February. Though tempting, this isn’t really the right moment to splash the cash on a responsibly indulgent getaway. Instead, you can use this time to collaborate with kindred spirits, building on your community locally. There’s more focus on ethical and sustainable forms of travel thanks to the forward-thinking energy of Aquarius, so you could be drawn to future trips that tick those boxes, particularly in your professional life. Save your sustainable sojourn for the end of the month, when a potent full moon in Virgo lights up your house of communication, or for March when a flurry of planets drift into your ninth house of adventure.

Leo Rising

Who’s your go-to travel accomplice? February is a big month for your relationships and partnerships. There’s no time like the present to book a romantic weekend away with a loved one; or maybe you’re single and travelling solo. If that’s the case, you’ll likely be catching up with friends, mingling with strangers in jazz bars and seeing where the night takes you. The Aquarius stellium invites you to design your own itinerary, one that’s completely flexible. There’s a vibe shift toward the end of the month when the Sun drifts into dreamy Pisces, inspiring you to turn inward and reflect. The last week of the month brings you peace, quiet and solitude just when you need it most, activated by a Virgo full moon.

Virgo Rising

After a busy start to the year, you’re eager to get physical this month. The Sun will be illuminating your sixth house of wellness over the next three weeks, making health and fitness a focus. If you’re able to get away, you could be drawn to a restorative mountain break or a solo walking holiday. Plan your trip on or around 9 February to make the most of this month’s potent new moon, bringing you to a timely reset. You can think of this new moon as a chance to recalibrate, identifying any old habits that no longer serve you. Domestic travel could come into play this month if you’re keen to get out of town. Hopping on the train to a new city, perhaps for work purposes, could be surprisingly refreshing.

Libra Rising

You can look forward to a busy but productive month of social gatherings and work-related meet-ups this February. Aquarius season spotlights your house of collaboration, sparking bouts of creative genius in unfamiliar surroundings. Travel is one way to open up fresh perspectives and connect with new people. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for chance encounters on or around the new moon on 9 February. In the spirit of Aquarius season, you could meet a potential collaborator when you least expect it. Slow down and bask in life’s small pleasures when Venus, your planetary ruler, enters Aquarius on 16 February. The penultimate week of February in particular would be an excellent time to pause and get back to nature.

Scorpio Rising

Home is where the heart is this month, putting international travel on the backburner over the next few weeks. Whether you’re relocating abroad, redecorating your home office or working on a renovation project, your sanctuary comes first on your long list of priorities. As you return to your roots, you could be drawn to an old neighbourhood or somewhere that reminds you of your childhood. Let this nostalgia be the reason you embark on an ancestral adventure this year, ideally on a future trip in the summer during Cancer season if you’re travelling with kids, or shoulder season if you’re travelling independently. If you’ve been pining over a romantic weekend break, save your trip for Pisces season next month when the Sun spotlights your fun-loving fifth house.

Sagittarius Rising

It’s safe to say that you’ve been working away behind the scenes lately. Aquarius season arrives like a cosmic breath of fresh air, bringing a slew of invitations your way in tandem with an Aquarius stellium. Mercury, Mars and Venus will be joining the Sun and Pluto in this innovative sign, prompting your inner activist to get experimental. Maybe you’ll join a community bike ride or sign up to a half marathon to raise money for charity. If you’ve been meaning to volunteer or attend a panel to deepen your knowledge, you could meet like-minded people who share your visionary ideas and aspirations. The month closes with a grounding full moon in Virgo, reminding you to block out time for yourself and choose rest.

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