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Your December 2023 Travel Horoscope

Welcome to your December 2023 travel horoscope. December begins in the midst of Sagittarius season, a time to seek out new experiences and expand your horizons.

Sagittarius love being on the move, soaking up the journey instead of rushing to get to the destination. They’re fantastic solo travellers, daring to travel far and wide on Antarctic expeditions or an epic rail trip, while making new connections along the way. If there’s a philosophical or educational stance to the trip, even better.

There’s a new moon in Sagittarius on 12 December, injecting the zodiac with a dose of optimism and a chance to recharge. The next day, Mercury stations retrograde for the third and final time this year. This planetary transition is renowned in the zodiac for causing travel snags and tech mishaps, so be sure to triple check flight times and watch out for delays. We wrap up 2023 with Jupiter, the planet of travel and expansion, pivoting forward on 30 December following a four-month retrograde, blessing the zodiac with dedication, patience and grounding.

Read on for your December 2023 travel horoscope. We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Capricorn Rising

The Sun will be spotlighting your restorative twelfth house of escapism, healing and solitude for most of December, encouraging you to rest over the next few weeks. A solo trip to the mountains could be on the cards to ride out the intensity of the new moon in Sagittarius on 12 December – or you could be getting out of town to clear your head. Save the new haircut for another time as Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn the following day, landing in your first house of identity. Be extra careful when making birthday travel plans, as the planet of communication enters Sagittarius while in retrograde motion on 22 December. The Sun enters Capricorn on 21 December and Jupiter moves forward on 30 December in your fifth house of self-expression, making you the star of the show. Lap it up!

Aquarius Rising

This month’s all about making new connections with the Sun in Sagittarius and your collaborative eleventh house. Whether you’re travelling to a new city before the holidays or staying local, it’s a great time to spark up conversations with strangers in subterranean speakeasies. Travelling after 13 December? Be sure to give yourself extra time for delays when Mercury begins its third and final backspin. After so much social interaction leading up to the Sagittarius new moon on 12 December, this could be the moment to slow down and lace up your walking boots. Home has been a major theme for you this year with Jupiter making moves in Taurus, a grounding earth sign. Now that Jupiter’s shifting forward on 30 December, you could be drawn to the idea of an apartment swap or a long-term stay in a new neighbourhood or city, a theme that lasts for the first half of 2024.

Pisces Rising

Your career is in the spotlight this month, with the Sun moving through Sagittarius and your tenth house of professional pursuits. If you’ve been feeling hemmed in by routine lately, an assortment of planetary shifts in Sagittarius could inspire you to reassess your options. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to live or work abroad. This is the moment to have that conversation, at least before Mercury, the planet of communication, moves backward on 13 December. Mercury retrograde is not the best transit for signing contracts or making life-altering decisions. Know you can slow down and review the situation, rather than acting on impulse. Plus, the astrology’s on your side as Jupiter pivots forward in Taurus on 30 December, spotlighting your third house of communication for the first half of 2024.

Aries Rising

Your travel mojo is back. December begins with the Sun blazing through Sagittarius and your ninth house of global exploration. There’s a restless energy in the air that could inspire you to plan your next epic getaway. Ideally, it would be a trip that pushes your boundaries, whether you’re surfing or mountain climbing for the first time. The caveat: Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde the following day, stirring up a few travel conundrums and miscommunications. Just make sure to triple check tickets and leave plenty of time before getting to the airport. If you’re staying local, this is your moment to try something out of the ordinary. You’ll begin to feel more grounded when Jupiter stations retrograde in Taurus at the end of the month.

Taurus Rising

Now that the Sun is in Sagittarius, your eighth house is in the spotlight this month, an area of your chart that’s all to do with vulnerability, transformation and intimacy. Ever considered a meditation or yoga retreat? A cluster of planets in Sagittarius could inspire you to roam free in the great outdoors, with an emphasis on forming meaningful exchanges. When your planetary ruler, Venus, enters Scorpio on 4 December, the deep shadowlands of your closest relationships enter the spotlight. If a romantic jaunt is long overdue with your SO, there’s no time like the present to get planning. On 7 and 8 December, Mercury in Capricorn will trine Jupiter in Taurus, a transit that could work in your favour by sparking a bout of creative genius when you least expect it. When Jupiter pivots forward on 30 December, you wrap up the year by wowing the world with your talents.

Gemini Rising

After a month of trying to achieve work-life balance, you’re invited to let your hair down. Sagittarius season is here to spotlight your house of partnerships, which means you could be putting off travel plans for now to play catch up and attend one too many Christmas dos. There’s no avoiding Mercury’s backspin this month, beginning on 13 December. When the planet of communication enters Sagittarius in retrograde motion on 22 December, a romantic liaison is back in focus for an end of year review. Mercury retrograde is ripe for misunderstandings. Try to hold off on any major conversations that will have a long-term impact around this time. Last but not least, Jupiter pivots forward in Taurus and your transformative twelfth house on 30 December. Have a check-in on this day to reflect on how much you’ve accomplished over the course of the year, internally speaking. Then go celebrate!

Cancer Rising

The Sun’s beaming down in your sixth house of self-care this month, reminding you to pause and be gentle. Adventures in nature beckon during the new moon in Sagittarius on 12 December, an excellent time for starting a fresh fitness routine. Signalling a new cycle, this potent lunation could also inspire you to break from old habits that no longer serve you. If you’re stuck in the city, a neighbourhood stroll with stops for hot chocolate should suffice. The third and final Mercury retrograde of the year begins on 13 December, landing in your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships. Don’t be surprised if you end up crossing paths with an old flame this month. You could be ending the year surrounded by loved ones when Jupiter pivots forward on 30 December. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Leo Rising

Sagittarius season has arrived like a cosmic breath of fresh air. For the first two weeks of December, you could be drawn to an epic road trip that involves plenty of mental stimulation and social interaction. Plan your trip around the Sagittarius new moon on 12 December to max out on the moon’s potency. In all the excitement, you begin to catch your breath around 13 December when Mercury stations retrograde. This is a transit that could cause some confusion in your sixth house of rituals, influencing you to review your health and wellness routines. Consider taking part in an exhilarating sport to get out of your head, especially when the Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces on 16 December. With Jupiter moving forward in Taurus on 30 December, you could be wrapping up 2023 with an epiphany in your house of career and reputation.

Virgo Rising

December’s a great month for getting grounded with the Sun in your fourth house of home. You could be spending more quality time with your family or planning a big, multi-generational getaway for next summer. Conveniently, your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters Capricorn on 1 December, a transit that helps you to focus on the details. It will work in your favour if you’re having to negotiate a pay rise or take part in a panel. The caveat? Mercury will be stationing retrograde in Capricorn on 13 December, a chaotic transit that’s renowned for causing confusion and travel mishaps. Remember: there’s no rush. If the planning gets messy, just remind yourself to slow down and take your time. When Jupiter stations direct in Taurus on 30 December, the workings of a passion project could crop back up, along with your zest for a well-planned adventure.

Libra Rising

You enter December with a busy calendar of Christmas work dos and restaurant outings. When was your last holiday away with friends? A Sagittarius new moon on 12 December punctuates your house of social activity. Halfway through the month, you could be returning to a familiar place when Mercury stations retrograde in your fourth house of home and ancestral roots. This is your moment to sit back, reflect and rework any home-related goals you’ve had on the agenda. For the past four months, Jupiter’s been retrograde in your house of intimacy. Be sure to plan a romantic rendezvous on or around 30 December with your SO to coincide with Jupiter moving forward. Did someone say NYE in Paris?

Scorpio Rising

Sagittarius season is here, which means money is on your mind. The Sun will be spotlighting your second house of finances for the next three weeks, especially around the Sagittarius new moon on 12 December. This is a potent lunation that could encourage you to set out an entirely new budget plan for 2024, including a separate travel pot put aside for a much-needed long vacation. Look to Pisces season 2024 (19 February – 20 March) if you’re craving winter sun, or Cancer season in late June for a summer escape. The last two weeks of December will be a dynamic and social time for you. With Jupiter moving forward in Taurus on 30 December, you could be wrapping up 2023 with an epiphany in your collaborative seventh house.

Sagittarius Rising

Happy solar return! You’re in the spotlight this month with the Sun blazing through Sagittarius. Whether you’re visiting a new city or taking part in a triathlon, your thirst for adventure and new experiences is back in full swing. You could experience a surge of optimism around the new moon in Sagittarius on 12 December, a great time to set new intentions and reassess your options. Be sure to block out some alone time on this day for a pensive coastal stroll, even if it’s just for an hour or two. The pace shifts on 13 December, when Mercury stations retrograde. This planetary transition adds to your reflective mood. What have you always wanted to do that lights your soul on fire? With Jupiter, your planetary ruler, swinging into Gemini next May, 2024 could be the year you finally take those bold next steps.

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