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S2: Passport to...

Passport to... Weddings: Home And Abroad

In Episode 9, Season 2, we explore the ins and outs of planning a wedding – from the dress, to the flowers, and the destination.

In this episode, Sheena is joined by guests Chenai Bukutu, the Founder of ByChenai Events – a boutique wedding and event design company based in London – and Rosie Williams, of The OWN Studio – a contemporary, bridal-wear label.


Episode Nine, Season Two, Chenai Bukutu (of ByChenai) and Rosie Williams (of The OWN Studio), share their wedding wisdoms – from best tricks and tips, to lessons learned – with CF.

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Planning a wedding is often stressful, but Chenai and Rosie are here to tell you – “enjoy the process”. “It’s such an investment: of your time, financially… and, it’s an emotional investment,” notes Chenai. So, we owe it to ourselves to wholly embrace the experience.

Weddings should be joyful celebrations, but there’s a lot to consider before you hit the aisle. Helping us navigate through the toil (and the toile), in this episode Chenai and Rosie answer our most pressing nuptial-related questions and offer us some sage advice.

Firstly, don’t fall prey to scaremongering. Gone are the days of booking or buying your dress a year in advance; boutiques are far more agile than they used to be.

If you’re wondering where best to focus your budget, it’s important to consider what your priorities are. Think about ambience and what you want your guests to remember most about wedding day. “Feed people as well as you can” and remember, “entertainment is important.”

For those thinking of tying the knot abroad, it’s worth considering things like language barriers, time of year, and overall costs… To listen to the episode in full – and get the full scoop on planning a wedding, either at home or abroad – follow the links below.  

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