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S2: Passport to...

Passport to... A Summer Of Travel

Exploring why the concept of ‘getting away’ is so appealing, freelance writers Anna Hart and Kate Wills join Sheena Bhattessa to discuss summer travel and their plans for the months ahead.

From their most memorable summer holiday to date – be it an Italian sojourn or a music festival in the UK – to future travel plans, inspiration for adventures to come abound in this episode.


In Episode Ten, Season Two, writers Anna Hart and Kate Wills share their predictions re travel this summer, and beyond, with CF.

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“Things are so stagnant without being able to get away.” As humans, we crave a change of scene; we’re stimulated by the new and the unearthed. “I’ve always relied on travel to fix me. I’ve always felt that by changing my external surroundings I could immediately change my internal landscapes. Perhaps this is actually quite a lazy, and spoiled, way to change how I feel”, notes Anna. “I’m excited to be able to rely on travel again. It was always my medicine.”

In our ‘new world’, new travel trends are emerging, with travellers’ behavioural patterns shifting into other spaces. Extended trips, with people based somewhere new for a while are likely to see an uptick in the coming months. Solo travel is also flagged as a growth area, despite extended periods of isolation over the past year. This spike may be due in part to people’s priorities, varied budgets, and comfort levels. A “thirst for connection” – relating both to people and places – is also pegged to be a strong driver.


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“People will be thinking carefully about their destination,” adds Anna, who has a real love of camping, particularly in places like Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Sweden, where wild camping (pitching up anywhere) is permitted. It’s all about “the right to roam.”

While there is likely to be more uncertainty for the next while surrounding post-COVID travel, it’s important to retain an element of spontaneity. “Plan the first night somewhere – that’s key – maybe where you’re going to have dinner,” says Kate, but “planning to have no plan is important.”

For more insights, joie de vivre, and travel guidance follow the links below and tune in for S2 E10…

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