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S2: Passport to...

Passport to... Falling In Love With Porto And North Of Portugal

Margarida Belém, Arouca’s Mayor, and Gilda Veloso, of Casa Da Música, join CF Founder, Sheena Bhattessa, to discuss the many treasures of Porto and Northern Portugal in Episode Twelve, Season Two, of Passport to…

In Partnership with Porto and North of Portugal.


In Episode Twelve, Season Two, Margarida Belém, Arouca’s Mayor, and Gilda Veloso, Marketing and Communication Coordinator of Casa Da Música, join Sheena to discuss the Northern region of Portugal. The conversation spans cultural and natural hotspots, gastronomical delights and more.

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From how to spend the perfect day in Porto City – museum trips, train station pitstops, and a concert at the Casa da Musica are all musts – to pinpointing the best time to visit the Douro Valley and its storied wineries (psst, it’s September), expect a jam-packed itinerary that will leave you in good stead for your next trip to Porto and North of Portugal.


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As Margarida notes, a journey begins long before we make our way to our destination; it begins “when we start dreaming, researching…”. With that in mind, we refer you to our latest episode – the journey starts here…

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