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Your March 2023 Travel Horoscope

With the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all swimming in water sign Pisces, for our 2023 March horoscope, we’ll be channelling our inner free spirits. The stars have aligned, calling for long road trips and water-based adventures, whether you’re venturing to the Balearics for a beachside retreat or pootling along the canals of Venice.

Travelling mid-month? Romantic Venus slips into sensual Taurus on 16 March, an opportune transit for slipping off-grid in the name of romance or self-love. The month closes on a high note when the Sun enters fiery Aries on 20 March during the Spring Equinox, delivering the cosmic fresh start we’ve all been waiting for.

Capricorn Rising

You could be saying yes to more adventures this month with the Sun shining bright in Pisces, a dreamy and ethereal transit. Feeling restless? A coastal road trip on or before the full moon in Virgo on 7 March would work wonders to calm any luminary jitters. There’s a major planetary shift on 7 March when your ruling planet, Saturn, leaves Aquarius for spiritual water sign Pisces, leaving you ready to explore new frontiers and make time for play.

Aquarius Rising

This month’s Virgo full moon is deeply cleansing, giving you time to process your thoughts and feels. Make time for meditation and mountain hikes when Saturn takes up residency in adaptable Pisces on 7 March, shining a light on your finances and how you can invest in yourself. Before looking to the future, take some time to reflect on and celebrate how far you’ve come internally and externally on your path to self-discovery. Where do you want to go next? Who do you want to be?

Pisces Rising

Happy solar return! Your brilliant, bohemian free spirit is out to play this month, dashing from one birthday brunch to the next. As a water sign, a trip to the beach, a waterfall or even a river is food for the soul. Conversing with kindred spirits comes naturally when Mercury joins the Sun in your sign on 2 March. The Virgo full moon on 7 March ensures that you have a route mapped out and ready by spring, though you’ll be keen to keep it fluid and carefree.

Aries Rising

You could be feeling deeply introspective or nostalgic for the first three weeks of March with the Sun in intuitive Pisces. If you’re travelling during this time, be sure to get out and about in the great outdoors; there’s something gloriously liberating about wild swimming as you sort through your emotions. By the end of the month, you might find yourself making new connections in a completely new environment with a flurry of planetary shifts in your sign.

Taurus Rising

It’s a social month ahead with the Sun swimming in the seas of Pisces. As you swan from one social circle to the next, it might prove difficult to squeeze in some time for self-care. Fear not, you’ll be free to satiate any travel cravings around the 16 March, when pleasure planet Venus sweeps into your sign for a lovely homecoming. As a sign that appreciates luxury and beauty, the cosmos insists that you book that rustic-luxe off-grid cabin you’ve been dreaming about.

Gemini Rising

Your work life takes centre stage this month, at least for the first three weeks with the Sun in the sign of the fish (Pisces). If a business trip crops up, could you extend your trip and work remotely? Whether you’re in a new office environment or WFH (working from a hotel), you’ll be glad for a change of scenery. Aries season (20 March to 20 April) will be your time to travel for pure pleasure. When the time comes, go ahead and ditch the spreadsheets and that dusty pile of books for a sunny city break.

Cancer Rising

Feeling foggy? This month’s full moon in Virgo on 7 March serves up some much-needed cosmic clarity; think of it as a mental cleanse. Under Virgo’s influence, you’ll delight in the details during this lunation, a helpful tool for tidying up logistics for a future adventure. Unsure about a potential travel companion? Your intuition will be on overload under these moonbeams, and for much of the month with the Sun in Pisces. Listen to your gut, says the cosmos.

Leo Rising

March ebbs and flows between emotional rumination and taking action. In terms of travel, you’re feeling fiercely adventurous while Jupiter continues its journey in Aries up until 15 May. Ever considered set-jetting? It’s the latest travel trend to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re venturing to Sicily for a White Lotus spin-off or following in the footsteps of Emily (in Paris), be sure to include some hardcore adventure on your travel itinerary to shake off any restless energy.

Virgo Rising

Early this month, a change of scene could keep your emotions in check during a full moon in Virgo on 7 March. Venus in Taurus on 16 March brings out your love of the finer things in life: delicious food, sleek design and quick access to an immaculate bathtub. Two days later, your ruling planet, Mercury, enters action-oriented Aries to bring some extra oomph to the way you communicate. Words can lead to actions during this transit, including a spur-of-the-moment getaway if you’re not careful.

Libra Rising

The Sun will be beaming down in your house of wellbeing and daily routines this month, Libra. If you’ve had your eye on a yoga retreat, now might be the time to get it booked in as we enter springtime. Feeling in tune with your surroundings? You’re in sensory overload mode when your guardian planet, Venus, slips into Taurus on 16 March. Sipping, dining and dancing your way through an unexplored neighbourhood is a feast for the senses.

Scorpio Rising

First off this month: there’s a full moon in Virgo on 7 March that gets you in the mood for making connections in new settings. Saturn leaves rebellious Aquarius for the more adaptable Pisces on the same day. This transit is like a cosmic breath of fresh air, as though a weight has been lifted. Kudos for staying true to you; now for sunshine, sushi and sailing in Sardinia.

Sagittarius Rising

Let’s face it, travel is always on your mind. Even when the full moon lands in your career zone on 7 March, you’ll find a way to connect it to an overseas adventure. That said, you’re likely to be keeping things low-key for the first three weeks of March with the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, hatching plans and daydreaming about your next trip instead. When the Sun enters fellow fire sign Aries on 20 March, it’s like a light has been switched. Guess who’s back?

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