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Your May 2023 Travel Horoscope

Welcome to Taurus season. Our travel habits and routines are adjusting quite a bit this month.

We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

The Sun in this sensual earth sign encourages us to ditch the hardcore hikes for a laidback itinerary sprinkled with luxury treats. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, exploring areas of natural beauty will be top of the list and we’ll be tuning in to life’s earthly pleasures.

The major, travel-related transit to look out for this month is Jupiter’s move into Taurus on 16 May. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism, and opportunity, governs international travel and higher learning. In Taurus, this transit calls for slow and steady modes of travel and pretty much any excuse to devour good food and wine. Mercury’s backward spin through Taurus could cause a few cosmic conundrums before stationing direct on 14 May. When Mercury flips retrograde, flights are delayed. Words are misinterpreted. Triple check boarding passes, itinerary times and restaurant reservations to remain one step ahead.

Capricorn Rising

This month is an excellent time to branch out of your comfort zone. With the Sun in Taurus until 20 May, you could be finding ways to realign with your creativity, letting your inner child take the lead. Ever considered a solo city break? There’s a high chance you’ll meet interesting people along the way when Venus enters Cancer on 7 May, a time for forming meaningful connections or travelling with a special someone. On 16 May, Jupiter enters Taurus, sparking a potential long-distance liaison. If you’ve felt stuck in one place these past few months, this could be the transit to get you out of your travel rut.

Aquarius Rising

May is the month to get back to your roots. The cosmos is calling on you to sit back and reflect during the first few weeks of the month, especially while Mercury is retrograde. Though unpredictable, this transit doesn’t have to be all chaos and curveballs: slowing down means you can let go of certain tasks on your to-do list that no longer ignite your zest for life. It’s also a prime time for reflection and reconnecting with people from the past. When Jupiter, the planet of expansion, takes up residency in Taurus on 16 May, there’s an even greater emphasis on your domestic zone of home and family. Looks like a big family outing is on the cards this year. When the Sun enters Gemini on 21 May, there’s a celestial boost of energy coming your way in your house of intimacy and pleasure.

Pisces Rising

Your words carry weight this month with the Sun beaming down in Taurus and your house of communication. Once free-spirited Jupiter pairs up with the Sun in Taurus on 16 May, you’ll be making steps to break free from anything that makes you feel restricted. That means getting out of your comfort zone completely, seeking transformative experiences that go beyond the buzzwords and wellness fads. Mercury moves out of retrograde on 14 May, reminding you that nothing is set in stone. One more date to look out for is the new moon in Taurus on 19 May, a time for planting seeds and dusting off your vision board.

Aries Rising

You’re getting grounded and living life in the slow lane this week with the Sun in Taurus. After a fast-paced few weeks, it can feel like a relief to pause for a moment. It’s likely you’ve been on the move quite a bit this year already with Jupiter gallivanting in your sign. Jupiter heads out of your sign on 16 May, promoting change and growth in your house of finances. With Mars in Cancer until 20 May, home life is also a priority this month. You could be settling in somewhere new or redefining your concept of home and belonging. If a group trip is on the agenda, you might want to wait out Mercury retrograde (ending 14 May) and plan ahead for Gemini season at the end of the month.

Taurus Rising

Happy solar return! With the Sun in Taurus, it’s time to let yourself indulge in life’s earthly pleasures. If you’re travelling, you’ll no doubt be jetting off to a luxury lodge somewhere aesthetically pleasing, no expense spared. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, sweeps into your sign on 16 May, doubling down on your appetite for exploration. This transit will be making moves in your sign for the next 12 months, inspiring you to travel far and wide. Be sure to carve out a few hours for self-care during the new moon on 19 May, a time for prioritising pleasure.

Gemini Rising

Cue the candles and bubble baths: it’s time to rest, reset and recuperate with the Sun in Taurus this month. Mercury is retrograde for the moment in your house of healing and closure, giving you permission to pause. Words can get tangled; contracts are a no-go (unless you’re reading the fine print). Be sure to triple check the smallest details, including any travel docs, boarding passes and gate times. This three-week slowdown comes to a grand finale on 14 May. Then, the Sun enters your sign on 21 May, making you the star of the show. Let’s just say things are about to get social from then on – so rest up beforehand and keep your calendar close.

Cancer Rising

Events and invites could be coming your way throughout the month with the Sun in Taurus. It’s an excellent time to mix and mingle, especially if you’re keen to form new friendships. You’ll have a spring in your step when Jupiter heads into Taurus on 16 May. This year-long transit shines its rays in your eleventh house of collaborations, causing all sorts of synergistic opportunities that could take you overseas. Note how your travel habits are beginning to shift. The cosmos calls for a spot of self-care on 19 May during the new moon, a lunation that can be used for planting seeds.

Leo Rising

It’s Taurus season, which means you’re getting back to work after a whirlwind period of events and trips away last month. With the Sun in Taurus and your ambitious tenth house, it’s time to tweak your LinkedIn profile and polish your online portfolio. You could be travelling for work quite a bit from 16 May onward when worldly Jupiter enters Taurus. The tempo speeds up again toward the end of the month with Mars entering Leo on 20 May, setting the stage for the end of the month. Before then, it might be wise to treat yourself to a spa day in a bucolic setting, ideally around the Taurus new moon on 19 May.

Virgo Rising

Your thirst for adventure is on overdrive this month with the Sun in Taurus and your ninth house of travel. If you’ve got a trip overseas in the first two weeks of May, there’s one slight astrological caveat: Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograde until 14 May, a transit that’s known in the zodiac for tossing plans into disarray. You know the drill: double check the dates, times and locations on your itinerary and remember that slow and steady wins the race. Another date to look out for is the 16 May, when worldly Jupiter supercharges your ninth house of expansion and international travel. Your attention shifts again toward the end of the month with the Sun in Gemini and your house of career.

Libra Rising

It’s a slow and balanced start to the month with the Sun soaring in Taurus. Ultimately this is the season for re-appreciating the many pleasures of the physical world. Spending time in your own company could be cathartic: whether it’s a solo gallery outing or making time for a long hot bath in a luxury hideaway, now’s the time to recuperate in sweet seclusion. To really challenge yourself, a solo break in an area of natural beauty would be fitting around 16 May, when adventurous Jupiter enters artistic Taurus. Baby steps, though. As soon as the Sun enters Gemini and your house of travel on 21 May, you could be feeling more open minded and ready to explore new frontiers.

Scorpio Rising

Taurus season is all about slowing down and bringing harmony to your relationships. Whether you’re coupled up or riding solo, your seventh house of partnerships gets a good dose of sunshine this month. You could be tempted to book in a luxury spa with your SO when Venus enters Cancer on 7 May, a fuzzy, heart-warming transit focused on forming meaningful connections. That means you can ditch the small talk for heartfelt conversations instead – something you’re innately good at. Worldly Jupiter enters Taurus on 16 May, bringing a boost of optimism to your closest relationships.

Sagittarius Rising

With the Sun now in Taurus, you’ll begin to find pleasure in your everyday routine for the first time in a while. Whether it’s a new route on your morning commute, or getting outside at lunch to feel the warmth of the sun on your face, you’ll be able to tap into the pleasures of the present moment. You could feel inspired to streamline your workflow around mid-May when global Jupiter, your ruling planet, enters Taurus. Make the most of this pragmatic energy before you inevitably jet off around late May in time for Gemini season, when the Sun lights up your relationship zone and sense of adventure.

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