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Tweak of the Week

Tweak Of The Week: Juana Skin CBD Facial With Microcurrent Massage

Tweak of the Week is Citizen Femme’s tried-and-tested beauty treatment review series, covering the CF team’s favourite recommendations for facials, massages, and everything in between.

For this week’s review, beauty editor Becki Murray experienced the exclusive facial partnership between iconic wellness club Lanserhof at The Arts Club and Juana Skin, an up-and-coming CBD skincare brand from the Middle East.

Earning well-deserved praise as a results-driven, pre-event facial, the pioneering treatment promises skin calming results, with the additional benefit of glow-boosting facial sculpting, via high-tech microcurrent massage. Read on for the full lowdown.

What is Juana Skin?

If you remember the trend for CBD skincare that happened a year or so ago, you can think of Juana Skin as CBD skincare 2.0. Designed specifically to treat inflammatory skin conditions – meaning it’s brilliant for sensitive complexions – Juana products are filled to the brim with nourishing ingredients and up to four times the cannabidiol concentration of other CBD ranges.

Importantly, as a skincare ingredient, CBD will not give you the signature ‘high’ of cannabis, because the THC, the psychoactive compound, has been removed. Instead, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, helping to soothe dry skin and reduce redness, by interacting with the skin’s large number of cannabinoid receptors. Juana Skin then combines CBD with key actives to maximise their effect, including moisturising oils to improve skin texture and tone. CBD encourages relaxation and balance too, meaning all the products, which include a cleanser, scrub and oil, act like self-care rituals. The Juana Signature Facial works to maximise that effect.



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Why is the Juan Skin Facial at Lanserhof at the Arts Club exciting?

Lanserhof at The Arts Club is predominately known as a medical wellness facility (and one of London’s best, in fact), meaning it’s where beauty and health editors head for treatments that get them visible results. For a wellbeing-focused skincare brand like Juana to exclusively partner with the facility speaks volumes about how the brand, and the signature facial treatment they have created, perfectly balances relaxation and effectiveness. 

As such, this is a facial that delivers much more than a chance for recuperation for stressed-out city dwellers – although it delivers that in droves. Far from just a nice-smelling face clean, the treatment supercharges Juana’s potent CBD blends with both manual and tech-based massage. That includes the use of rather space-agey microcurrent gloves that quickly but non-invasively sculpt and rejuvenate your skin. 

The result is a deeply relaxing and refreshing facial that manages to tackle stress-induced fatigue and get you event-ready.



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Tried and tested: what is having the treatment like?

I’m so glad that my fabulous facialist Heeral recommended talking me through the facial steps before I lay down on the cosy treatment bed, because as soon as she started the treatment I was in my own little world of zen. The first thing to note is that your therapist will wear gloves throughout the facial. This can feel a little odd on the skin (although it didn’t bother me), but it’s important, as it ensures that the therapists’ hands don’t absorb the CBD within the products. 

The treatment starts with a deep-yet-gentle skin cleanse using the Deep Cleansing Emulsion. It’s sunflower oil-based texture means the skin-lifting massage can start even at this early stage, with the soft circular motions and subtly relaxing aroma helping you unwind that little bit more deeply. The second stage is a facial scrub, but while physical exfoliation can traditionally be quite harsh on sensitive skin, that’s not the case here. The buffering almond shell powder is very fine and is combined with argan oil, meaning it brightens and refreshes your skin without feeling abrasive.

The skin-lifting massage starts even at the cleansing stage of the treatment, helping you unwind that little bit more deeply.

After that thorough clean, the massage part of the treatment builds momentum, and Heeral has one of the best massage techniques that I’ve experienced. Using a combination of her fingers, palm and the heel of the hand, she releases tension around your eyes, forehead and jaw line, with the facial oil providing a delicious slip to intensify the experience without causing any discomfort. 

The true standout of the massage though is when she slipped on a pair of microcurrent gloves. Microcurrent devices deliver tiny currents of electricity to the face, stimulating facial muscles to tone the skin, improving blood circulation to boost glow, and enhancing the penetration of skincare products. By choosing to use these special gloves rather than a handheld device, the facialist is able to deliver both manual massage techniques and the microcurrent technology simultaneously, which supercharges your glow-boosting and sculpting results. 

It’s true that microcurrent can feel a little strange – the best way to describe it is like occasional, slightly uncomfortable micro-electric shocks – but it’s not painful. In fact, I didn’t want that part of the treatment to end. When it did though, the facial was completed with a super nourishing flourish. Depending on when you have your treatment, you’ll either have the brightening day cream or Ultra-Rich Night Cream – both of which lock moisture into your skin using different weights of CBD and nourishing oils, including squalane. 

Heeral has one of the best massage techniques that I’ve ever experienced, but the true standout of the massage is when she slipped on a pair of microcurrent gloves.

Once the 45 minutes was over, I emerged feeling refreshed in both body and face. And, if you want the perfect excuse to book in for another luxurious experience, especially if you have stressed, reactive or dry skin, you can experience the Juana body treatment using the brand’s body butter too. 



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What results can you expect?

The benefit of this type of facial is that the results are almost instant. When you look in the mirror post-treatment, you’ll notice two main things: you’ll have a hydrated barefaced glow – without any additional redness – and your cheekbones will look more defined. As well as the refreshing feeling that an overall deep clean brings, the facial’s ability to depuff your full face, including around the sensitive eye area, will also make you appear immediately more awake. That’s a blessing for anyone who struggles with dull skin and tired-looking eyes. While you’ll probably want to wash your hair post-treatment if it’s on the finer side, if you do have big plans afterwards, you’ll find yourself needing to apply less makeup.

What is the aftercare advice?

There is no downtime even for those with sensitive skin, and the treatment is designed so that you’ll benefit instantly from its glow-boosting and lifting effect. Your facialist will apply a sunscreen at the end of the facial if you book in during the day to keep your complexion protected, but aside from that you can go about your schedule normally. You can also purchase the Juana products used in the treatment to improve your results over time at-home. If you only buy one, make it the Face Oil.



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Who is the Juana Skin Facial suitable for?

The facial is suitable for all skin types and tones, including sensitive complexions. However, the treatment is not recommended during pregnancy due to the potency of CBD in the products, and if you have a pacemaker, a history of seizures or have had extensive facial surgery you won’t be able to have the microcurrent massage as these can increase the risk of complication. If you have fillings, the microcurrent treatment is safe, but you may experience a slight metallic taste in your mouth.

How many treatments do you need?

This is a brilliant one-and-done treatment for giving your skin a little bit of TLC, with the added benefit of an instant glow and more subtly-defined cheekbones. You’ll definitely see the benefit if you book in before a big event or party, but, if you want to keep your results consistent, I’d recommend booking in for monthly sessions. 

Why is Juana Skin Facial ‘Tweak of the Week’ worthy?

Facials that tend to be suitable for sensitive skin can be a little light touch when it comes to instant results, in order to avoid redness and irritation. However, due to the inflammation-tackling prowess of Juana’s CBD-enriched formulas and the innovation behind the massage technique, this is a glow-boosting, results-driven facial that’s suitable for all. 

The Lanserhof website can be a little tricky to navigate when it comes to finding information on facials, especially for non-members. So, I’d recommend picking up the phone to the reception team to make booking stress-free.

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