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Where To Find London's Best Hot Chocolate

Decadent hot chocolates is another speciality London can add to its gourmet food & drink offerings.

It is globally known that London’s tea and coffee culture boasts bustling and chic cafe spots across the city, and the same goes for its hot chocolate scene. Unforgettably luxurious, you can rely on these spots to sweeten up the grey winter days ahead. Let us take you on a tour of where to find London’s best and richest hot chocolates.



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Founded by Jens Knoop in 2013, Knoops shares a passion for all things chocolate across the UK. Inspired by his relationship with chocolate in his homeland Germany, (interesting fact: Germany ranks second in the world for annual chocolate consumption) the chocolate brand boldly offers a hot chocolate blend to suit the chocolate preferences and cravings of each customer with a percentage-based menu. A large board welcomes customers into the stores offering cocoa blends ranging from 28% white chocolate to 100% extra dark chocolate, each boasting a variety of notes from nougat and vanilla to honey and banana. ‘Knoopologists’ prepare the hot chocolate by melting these chocolate flakes with your choice of milk and extras, whether spices, fruits or marshmallows. After expanding to London in 2020 following the success of the flagship store in Rye, East Sussex, Knoops is becoming one of the UK’s hotspots for a sweet fix across the country. This isn’t just a winter hangout. When the temperatures start to heat up again it’s worth popping in for a chocolate affogato or freshly blended milkshake. And for a hearty home brew, head online to purchase Knoops’ rich chocolate flakes (with vegan options available), 

Gelateria Danieli

Tucked away in Richmond lies the unmissable turquoise exterior of the artisan Italian ice cream parlour, Gelateria Danieli. An Italian coffee, ice cream and chocolate shop all wrapped up in one, the venue is worth venturing west. Dubbed the ‘thickest hot chocolate in London’ by TikTok’s food scene, Gelateria Danieli’s take stays true to the Italian way, meaning serving up cups of literal ‘hot’ or melted chocolate. While waiting for your hot drink to brew, browse the beautiful selection of handmade truffles, Belgian chocolates and candied marzipan fruits in the parlour’s ‘chocolate library’ shop. Delicately curated and ribboned, these boxes make great gifts too.

Dark Sugars


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This time in east London, an infectiously warm ambiance seeps out of Dark Sugars and on to Brick Lane, as the strong cocoa perfumes accompanied by dance music meets the busy streets. Owned by Paul and Nyanga (who spent three and a half years travelling around South America and West Africa, including visiting farms and working with the Ghana Cocoa Board to research the harvest process of cocoa beans), Dark Sugars proudly offers the finest Ghanaian chocolates in London. The brand began in Borough and Spitalfields markets before settling in their Shoreditch bricks & mortar store, while only selling two flavours: coffee and walnut, and stem ginger and honey. Now, bowls of cocoa dusted truffles line the window displays offering chocolate flavours ranging from hazelnut praline and white saffron to pink champagne and vodka orange (with a similar variety offered in the vegan range). Pairing indulgence with education and creativity, Dark Sugars only uses the highest quality cocoa in their hot chocolates because the higher the cocoa content, the higher the chocolate is in antioxidants. Topped with a dramatic scattering of chocolate shavings, it doesn’t get better (or more chocolatey) than this.

Italian Bear Chocolate

Soho also houses another of London’s charming chocolate shops, Italian Bear Chocolate. Honouring Italian cultural heritage in each and every chocolate product, the recipes have been carefully developed over the last 10 years by the qualified in-house team. Whether its hot chocolates, chocolate cakes or strawberries, it’s all coated in a thick layer of freshly melted chocolate. Italian Bear Chocolate also assures no hidden ingredients, with each chocolate produced locally. Don’t be put off by the likely queue, it moves fast and the famous triple chocolate mocha is worth the wait. 

Hotel Chocolat


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It will probably come as no surprise that Hotel Chocolat is on our list, having long established itself as a global favourite for a sweet fix. The British chocolate manufacturer impressively dates back to the early 1990s when founders embarked on a journey to source original, authentic and ethical chocolate. Over 30 years later, the brand has 126 stores across the world. A great place to try unusual flavours, Hotel Chocolat even offers a mince pie hot chocolate blend, ideal for getting you in the festive spirit.

Chin Chin Labs

If you’re looking for a fun way to brighten up a grey winter afternoon then add Chin Chin Labs to your London agenda. Innovatively fusing science with gastronomy, Chin Chin Labs first came to attention after creating Europe’s first nitrogen ice cream parlour, where liquid nitrogen freezes your ice cream scoops in front of your eyes. Rather than rows of chocolate and bags of coffee beans, glass beakers, measuring cylinders and pipettes line the funky interior. Chin Chin Labs uses similar theatrics with their famous hot chocolate, where a blow torched marshmallow tops the rich drink. Choose from tonka bean, valrhona chocolate or apple crumble pie flavours, with truffle crumble and glossy cherry toppings.



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Piccadilly’s pick for a luxury chocolate stop, carpo has opened in London. Founded in Athens in 1991, the Hellenic deli and coffee bar is now bringing premium chocolate, specialty coffee and hand-picked nuts to London with existing locations in Dubai and Athens. The rich wood and marbled interiors offer a glimpse into the gourmet experience of drinking the high end hot chocolate. carpo assures quality first by sourcing ingredients from small-scale suppliers with hampers and packaging made from materials sourced in Paris and Italy. Browse the two-storey concept store while surrounded by piles of hand-crafted chocolates, with a warm mug of hot chocolate in hand.



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Scattered across central London lies the iconic Badiani gelato stores. Each painted in a vibrant hue from electric blue to sunshine yellow and candyfloss pink, the store designs tease what awaits on the menu. Rich, high quality chocolate meets a dynamic store in each Badiani location, where you’ll find rows upon rows of ice cream trays, alongside a creperie and espresso machines for deluxe affogatos. This winter, alongside their signature hot chocolate (served in a tall glass mug topped with whipped cream and a branded wafer biscuit) try the new pistachio hot chocolate, featuring pistachio cream coated around the inside of the glass. Dip in their famous milk chocolate gelato cookie for a true dessert-like delight.

The Connaught Patisserie

For the chic, Parisian-like patisserie experience, head to the experts at The Connaught Patisserie in Mayfair. The marbled tables and countertops, and delicate pink walls make a pleasant space for an afternoon pick-me-up or weekend treat. Professionals in all things sweet, the hot chocolate is a sophisticated approach to the hot drink. While you’re there, don’t ignore the delicately handcrafted patisseries, from fig tarts to almond Paris-Brest. Headed up by award-winning executive pastry chef Nicolas Rouzard, these little tarts look like pieces of art, so make sure to post a quick picture before devouring.

William Curly Soho


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If there’s someone you can rely on to know a thing or two about chocolate it’s William Curley. The famous chocolatier and Master of the Culinary Arts (awarded by the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts) uses only the world’s finest ingredients, sourced naturally from local producers to create his award-winning chocolates. You can now try these products for yourself including the luxury ‘couture chocolates’ and delicious hot chocolate in the iconic orange-fronted soho chocolate shop or at the historic Harrods. Try the house dark hot chocolate to see how the drink cuts through and complements the sweet pastries. An innovator by nature, there’s always something new to try at William Curley. The continued releases of new chocolates cakes and all other kinds of confections await in the stores alongside their trusted and loved classics, each worth visiting.


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