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S2: Passport to...

Passport to... The Culture Of Food

In Episode Two, Season Two, we dive into the kitchens (and food ethoses) of cookery writer Skye McAlpine and Jikoni founder, author, and journalist Ravinder Bhogal.


Discussing how food and culture intersect, award-winning food writer and restaurateur, Ravinder Bhogal, and cookery author Skye McAlpine share their take on a range of subjects including cooking traditions, regional recipes, and the language of food.

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Known for their inventive and transporting menus (and considered aesthetics) both Ravinder and Skye are believers in food’s ability to provide a shortcut into the spirit and culture of a place. Discussing how food and culture intersect, Ravinder asserts that “food is culture”; a point fundamental to Jikoni’s MO of “mixed-heritage” cooking or “cooking across borders”. At Jikoni, food “is inspired by immigrant cuisine and the rich, shared flavours and cultures across parts of South Asia and the Far East, the Middle East, East Africa and Britain.” “Great, modern British food is so intertwined with different cultures, different races. I love that it’s always evolving; that recipes are like stories, human stories. They tell us about people’s narratives.”


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Zoning in on the pride (be that personal, regional, or national) that surrounds food, Skye – who divides her time between Venice and London – notes: “food culture in Italy is a source or regional and national pride. Ways of cooking are very specific to tiny geographical areas”. Examining how Italians eat, rather than what they eat is a focus of Skye’s in her latest book, A Table for Friends. “A simple meal can feel like a feast; memorable but relaxed.”


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Food is fundamentally about bringing people together and sharing in something. Over the course of this 45 minute episode, you’ll share in the secret to creating good food, the irresistibility of tiramisu (a stalwart dessert for both Skye and Ravinder), and the destination the pair would most like to dash to for supper (current travel restrictions not withstanding)…

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