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Your July 2023 Travel Horoscope

Welcome to your July 2023 travel horoscope. With the Sun firmly rooted in Cancer and multiple planets moving around in the sign of the crab this month, you may notice that your travel needs are shifting.

Even if you usually crave adventure, the prospect of cosy woodland staycations, idyllic hideaways, and romantic off-grid adventures could have more of an appeal, at least for the first three weeks of July.

There’s a full moon in Capricorn on 3 July, a logistical lunation that can be used for planning a trip in advance, especially if it’s an intricate itinerary you’re putting together. An emotional new moon in Cancer on 17 July comes as a cosmic breath of fresh air, blessing the zodiac with a clean slate and, by the end of the month, you could be tempted to trade the cottagecore for pina coladas on the beach – the Sun sashays into Leo on 22 July, a transit that could teach us all a thing or two about travelling for pleasure.

Read on for your July 2023 travel horoscope. We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Capricorn Rising

Relationships take the spotlight this month, starting with a full moon on 3 July. This motivational lunation could make you more magnetic to new opportunities, boosting your confidence. Better yet, Mars enters Virgo on 10 July after moving through Leo since the end of May, doubling down on your productive efforts and making you even more organised than usual. Try to avoid perfectionistic tendencies around this period by getting out and about in the great outdoors. An idyllic getaway that combines soothing hikes and time to unwind is just the ticket to a healthy and happy brain. Bonus points if there’s some form of cardio involved to shake off any stagnant energy from the full moon. Sunset walks and sultry, starry nights are calling during the new moon in Cancer on 17 July, a heartwarming lunation that lights up your seventh house of relationships.

Aquarius Rising

Time for a cosmic fresh start. This month is mostly restful, especially at the start of the month during a full moon in Capricorn on 3 July. The astrological weather around this time could inspire you to travel solo or bask in some much-needed solitude – the restorative kind that gets your creative juices flowing. In terms of travel, you could be tempted to take a pause to reset and replenish your energy after a busy few weeks. The Cancer new moon shifts your focus inward, this time to activities that make you feel happy and healthy from the inside out. This means you could be refining a workout routine, catching up with old friends and generally seeking comfort. Of course, every day is different; your moods shift as much as the planetary weather. If at any point you require a spontaneous escape, a cosy weekend break could be just the antidote.

Pisces Rising

It’s a social start to the month with the Sun in Cancer and a potent full moon taking place on 3 July. This lunation can be both energising and exhausting, so it’s worth stealing little pockets of time alone to exercise or meditate as the invites inevitably come rolling in. The planetary shifts continue with Mars entering Virgo on 10 July, whipping any travel plans you have into shape and giving you an orderly nudge. What destinations have you been dreaming of? You can use this transit to handle any travel logistics that take time and patience to organise. Whatever your plans on Monday 17 July, there’s a fuzzy, heart-warming Cancer new moon that calls for a rejuvenating glass of wine in the company of your closest connections. Ever considered keeping a separate travel pot aside? When the North Node moves into Aries mid-month, your finances get a reboot.

Aries Rising

July starts with a potent full moon in Capricorn, a lunation that gives you a dose of can-do clarity in your career. You could be taking on a more public role, or at least gaining more attention at work. Throughout July, there’s more of a focus on your home life, too, with the Sun soaring in Cancer and your heart-centric fourth house – putting travel on the back burner for now. Take time to nurture your home space, tap into your emotions and make time for solitude. Setting boundaries doesn’t mean that you have to put your social life on hold, you’re just more inclined to invest time into your closest relationships after a period of being on the move. Your chart ruler, Mars, sweeps into analytical Virgo on 10 July, inspiring you to plan ahead instead of acting on impulse. Say hello to your inner hedonist when the Sun sweeps into Leo at the end of the month.

Taurus Rising

You could be travelling to a familiar location this month with the Sun in Cancer. You’re probably in transit as we speak, oat milk flat white in one hand and a floppy sun hat in the other. If you’ve been feeling bogged down or foggy lately, there’s a full moon in Capricorn on 3 July that’s here to help you take the leap into a new area of interest, putting your many talents to good use. During an emotional new moon in Cancer on 17 July, you could be travelling internationally to reconnect with old friends (hello wedding season), or spending time away from home quite a bit to meet up with relatives. Your ruler, peace-seeking Venus, is hanging out in the fiery sign of Leo and your domestic quarters, which could be the reason you’re ready to sit back and get cosy by the time Leo season rolls in. A refresh is en route in this part of your chart when Venus moves retrograde from 22 July to 3 September. It can be a confusing transit, so there’s really no rush in making any drastic decisions during this retrograde motion.

Gemini Rising

It’s time to get comfortable with being vulnerable now that the Sun’s moving through Cancer. A revelatory full moon in Capricorn on 3 July helps you come to terms with any relationship conundrums you’ve been facing lately, or you could be letting go of old relationship patterns that no longer serve you. Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into Leo on 11 July in case you require a dose of confidence in matters of communication. Your values will also be put into question as you’re urged to slow down. Home is where the heart is when Mars, the planet of action, enters detail-oriented Virgo and your home sector on 10 July, bringing change to your home environment – whether you’re planning a big move or reorganising your wardrobe. Virgo’s influence will reward focus and attention to detail. When the Sun sweeps into Leo on 22 July, you could be travelling for leisure a lot more.

Cancer Rising

It’s Cancer season! Multiple planets will be travelling through Cancer this month, putting the spotlight on you. There’s a supercharged dose of energy from the get-go, with a full moon in Capricorn lighting up your house of partnerships. You might find these first few weeks of July to be particularly social as you catch up with relatives and old friends. Full moons lead to revelations, so you could experience an epiphany or two about your closest relationships around this time. If you haven’t been able to travel recently, the new moon in Cancer on 17 July would be an ideal time to spread your wings, whether it’s that food-fuelled road trip you’ve been pining over, or a multi-generational family holiday to reconnect with your relatives.

Leo Rising

Time for Wholesome Girl Summer… at least temporarily. You’ll be happy to catch up on rest and refuel the tank this month, especially during the full moon in Capricorn on 3 July. This is a motivating full moon that can be used wisely to rejig your routines and rituals. You could learn something new in the process by tuning into your intuition. When the North Node changes signs on 17 July your ninth house of global travel, journeys and international exploration experiences a pivotal shift up until early 2025. You may feel inspired to plan a series of trips for Leo season in just a few weeks, no expense spared. Until then, there’s a restful Cancer new moon that could inspire you to take part in activities that truly nourish your soul and make you feel good.

Virgo Rising

There’s comfort in familiarity this month with the Sun hunkering down in Cancer. After spending a great deal of Gemini season in work mode, you could be feeling more outgoing and social around the first few weeks of July. Mars, the planet of action, will be moving into your sign on 10 July, inspiring you to focus on your tasks with more zeal and energy. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, will be making moves in Leo a day later, allowing you to voice your opinions boldly and with fervour. The rest of the month is looking relatively relaxed cosmically speaking, save for a new moon in Cancer on 17 July, where you will once again be surrounded by loved ones. This would be an excellent time to plan a group trip with your nearest and dearest.

Libra Rising

You could be feeling sentimental and a lot less social this month. There’s a reflective mood in the air, calling for long coastal walks and cosy pub outings with your nearest and dearest. There could be a flurry of activity going on at home during the full moon in Capricorn, or you could be pulled to reconnect with your roots. Mars enters Virgo on 10 July, bringing a back-to-work energy your way – the kind that gets you out the door to embrace the day. Feeling nostalgic? You could be revisiting familiar ground when the new moon arrives in Cancer on 17 July, an experience that’s both grounding and cathartic for you. It’s time to ditch the dating apps for in-person tête-à-têtes when your planetary ruler, Venus, goes retrograde from 22 July, moving backwards through your house of social circles and community.

Scorpio Rising

July is bound to be an eye-opening month for you with the Sun in Cancer and your globetrotting ninth house. The flurry of activity begins right from the get-go, with a full moon in Capricorn on 3 July. There’s no time like the present to see new places and mingle with friends old and new. Your chart ruler, Mars, moves through Virgo mid-month, bringing a surge of energy to your productive pursuits. Try to plant yourself somewhere with vast landscapes and breathtaking panoramas during the new moon in Cancer on 17 July, even if it’s a nearby river. Big wholesome walks are just as tantalising. Ever considered a workcation? Money’s on your mind when Venus begins its backward motion in Leo, shimmying into your tenth house of career from July 22 to September 3. By the time the Sun moves into Leo on 22 July, you’ll be ready to hibernate – preferably in a cosy woodland treehouse somewhere remote. Better get booking!

Sagittarius Rising

You’re always on the move, hopping from one place to the next, but that’s about to change this month with the Sun hunkering down in Cancer. This transit gets cosy with the full moon on 3 July, bringing an emotional release as you come to terms with your work responsibilities. How can you achieve financial wellbeing and simultaneously do what you love? The full moon will bring enough structure and routine to motivate you in your next steps. Not everything has to be done alone: ask for advice, act with intention, and keep an open mind. Mercury’s move into Leo on 11 July could give you an extra boost of confidence if you’re struggling to articulate your feelings. You could be feeling more restless toward the end of the month when the Sun sweeps into Leo, bringing your travel mojo back in full force.

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