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Your September 2023 Travel Horoscope

Welcome to your September 2023 travel horoscope. With the Sun in Virgo, we’ll be swapping the languorous beach days of Leo season for health-giving hideaways, wholesome retreats and restorative rambles in the great outdoors.

Virgo is a grounded earth sign: they enjoy being on the move to quiet their busy brains – preferably in a serene setting, taking in the natural wonders of the world with a travel companion who appreciates the art of their intricately planned itineraries. That’s the Virgo way, and we’ll be channelling the same energy.

A few transits to keep in mind: Venus, the planet of love, moves forward on 3 September, putting a period of re-evaluation to an end in the matters of love, romance and money. There’s a new moon in Virgo on 14 September, a pivotal lunation for setting ambitious goals for the future. Postponed travel arrangements could come back around when Mercury flips forward in Virgo on 15 September.

Read on for your September 2023 travel horoscope. We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Capricorn Rising

There’s a spring in your step this month with the Sun spotlighting your adventurous ninth house, an excellent transit for getting out and about in the great outdoors. Just remember to exercise extra caution around the finer details of any plans you have, at least before Mercury moves forward on 15 September and the cosmos is clear. There’s a new moon in Virgo on 14 September, amping up your desire to get out of town for the weekend. Try to brush off any restless energy by keeping active. Hiking, wild swimming and cycle trips could be extra appealing under these potent moonbeams. Though you love your creature comforts, you could be tempted to try water rafting or canyoning if the opportunity comes up.

Aquarius Rising

Virgo season is here and will help you feel grounded. You won’t necessarily feel an urge to travel internationally for the first two weeks of September with the Sun spotlighting your eighth house of intimacy. As Virgo rules wellness, this month’s all about prioritising your body and establishing a routine. When Venus moves forward on 3 September, you could experience a cosmic epiphany after a period of re-evaluation in your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships – including any bad habits and coping mechanisms that needed a reboot. There’s a potent new moon in Virgo on 14 September, providing you with a can-do dose of energy. It also looks like you could be travelling for pleasure toward the end of the month when the Sun enters playful Libra, bringing a slew of party invites your way.

Pisces Rising

A soul-stirring trip is on the agenda this month while the Sun hovers in Virgo. Is there a way to combine a romantic rendezvous with a health-giving getaway? Venus moves forward in your house of wellness on 3 September, staying put until 8 October. Coastal walks, sound baths and romantic wooded landscapes all fit the (astrological) bill. If you choose to travel in alignment with the cosmos this month, the weekend following the new moon around 14 September could be an excellent time to plan your trip away. Not only will Mercury be out of retrograde by then, you’ll also reap the benefits of the new moon in your seventh house of partnerships. As new moons tend to signify fresh starts, a new collaboration may be on the horizon for you. Keep your eyes peeled.

Aries Rising

September’s all about self-care with the Sun travelling through Virgo and your sixth house of wellness. With so much planetary movement occurring in pragmatic Virgo, you could be returning to a regular fitness routine after the chaos of Leo season. As an active person, you’re easily bored by too much repetition. Try climbing a mountain or walking every inch of your local park to keep any restless energy at bay. Progress could seem slow with Mercury retrograde in motion until 15 September, so some extra dedication is required now more than ever. There’s more action in the cosmos toward the end of the month during a full moon in your sign, inspiring you to hit the open road and be free.

Taurus Rising

After a period of hibernation, you’re ready to explore new nooks this month. September kicks off with the Sun in Virgo, a fellow earth sign, bringing you out of your cocoon for the next three weeks. You could be drawn to light-hearted, playful activities that allow you to express yourself creatively. When your ruling planet, Venus, moves forward in Leo on 3 September, there could be more clarity with matters close to home, letting you spread your wings after a period of returning to your roots and feeling weighed down. A new moon in Virgo on 14 September invites you to let your hair down and take some time to yourself to explore your hobbies. To top it all off, Mercury ends its retrograde in your fifth house of fun and pleasure on 15 September, unleashing your inner artist.

Gemini Rising

Home is where the heart is this September with the Sun in Virgo and your fourth house of home and family. If you’re planning a big move or renovation project, Virgo season influences you to be practical and efficient. Mercury retrograde keeps flowing until 15 September, calling for precision and a focused mind while you tackle the logistics of some ongoing life admin. There’s a new moon in Virgo on 14 September that invites you to pause, reflect and journal away to your heart’s content. If you are travelling in the next three weeks, make it an end-of-summer vacation with your nearest and dearest, ideally in a natural setting to channel Virgo’s earthy energy. There’s more action toward the end of the month when the Sun enters playful Libra, adding a light-hearted mood to the mix.

Cancer Rising

It’s Virgo Season – which means you’re eager to spend more time with friends now that the Sun’s in your expressive third house. Even though you’re a homebody at heart, there’s a spring in your step this month with the help of Venus and Mercury moving forward. Both planets have been spinning backwards, influencing you to slow down and rethink your relationship with money. Not to sound dramatic but Venus retrograde has a way of bringing up the past. This transit comes to a grand finale on 3 September, bringing some new life lessons your way. By the time Libra season rolls in toward the end of the month, you’ll be ready to reset and reflect on the memories you’ve made this summer from the comfort of your happy place (home).

Leo Rising

Money matters take centre stage this month. Now that it’s Virgo season, you’re getting practical and systematic about your savings. You don’t necessarily need to splash the cash to escape the daily norm, as long as you’re engaging in physical activity in a natural environment in some way. Cultural immersion is another Virgo season theme that doesn’t necessarily have to come at a high cost, especially with a creative mind like yours. After a period of rumination, Venus moves forward in Leo and your first house of self on 3 September, bringing more clarity to the way you present yourself to the world. It might be wise to wait until Mercury retrograde is over before announcing your rebrand in case of any cosmic kerfuffle. Then the Sun enters Libra a few days later, ending the month on a cosmic high.

Virgo Rising

It’s Virgo season, which means you’re in the spotlight for the next three weeks. It’s time to put yourself first and travel as you please. As an earth sign, you could be craving an off-grid adventure to replenish your mind, body and soul – whether you’re kayaking through Norway’s fjords or arranging a wholesome group hike out of town. As Mercury continues its retrograde for the next two weeks, you could be planting yourself somewhere for an extended period instead of moving around too much. Both Mercury and Venus flip forward this month while the Sun’s in your sign, paving the way for more clarity if you’ve been feeling a little hazy lately. On 14 September, you’ll enjoy an annual new moon in Virgo, a powerful lunation for setting intentions and making your big-picture dreams a reality.

Libra Rising

You’re living life in the slow lane, at least for the first half of the month. When the Sun’s in Virgo, your restorative twelfth house enters the spotlight. As Virgo rules wellness, spontaneous acts of self-love are extra nourishing for the soul. A luxury spa staycation in the countryside counts as an act of self-care. Keep a journal close around 3 September when Venus, your planetary ruler, stations forward after an extended retrograde in your eleventh house of networking. If you’re suffering from analysis paralysis, know that Mercury retrograde will pass on 15 September. Though you’re a social butterfly at heart, you could be spending time alone around the new moon on 14 September, an excellent time for rest and recovery before Libra season begins on 22 September, putting the spotlight on you.

Scorpio Rising

If you’re invited on a work trip abroad this month, the cosmos is on your side. The Sun’s shining a spotlight on your eleventh house of networking and friendships, making you extra magnetic to new opportunities. There’s just one planetary conundrum to look out for: Mercury retrograde. During this transit, you could be feeling more reflective than usual and in need of space. You could also be feeling more selective about which events and social outings are worth your time. The Virgo new moon on 14 September could inspire you to organise an impromptu city break. A structured itinerary that involves hopping between museums and learning about the local lore has Virgo season written all over it. Even better if it’s a city that never sleeps.

Sagittarius Rising

September brings a focus to your work and reputation with the Sun spotlighting your tenth house of career. You could be brushing up your skills in the workplace or gaining more recognition, especially around the new moon in Virgo on 14 September, an opportune moment to set intentions and plant seeds for the future. What’s your dream role? And where in the world would you like to pursue it? Planting yourself in a city like Madrid or Lisbon could be a good way to make new connections while feeding your eternal wanderlust. You might even see past opportunities crop up this month as Mercury continues its backward spin until 15 September. Craving a long-haul adventure? Your thirst for adventure makes a return during a restless full moon in Aries at the end of the month.

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